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By Da Wolf, October 9, 2015 0 Gaming, Rebellion Boys, YouTube

What if there were two worlds? One where everyone lived their day to day lives and another twisted reflection thereof? What if you lived in both? Surface: Mystery of Another world is a story driven hidden object game developed for… Read More »

By Jade, October 8, 2015 0 Education, Featured, Live Events

With rAge just around the corner, I decide to do a survival guide of sorts for first timers going to rAge. This guide is composed of tips and tricks from two rAge veterans, one who will be attending rAge for… Read More »

By His Divine SHadow, October 7, 2015 0 Featured, Interview, Music

Today we speak to another amazing band, Arrival Of Autumn. So what’s the history of your band? We started in 2011 and had no clue what we were doing but over time we developed and have become a professional touring… Read More »

By Da Wolf, October 6, 2015 Comments Off on Hit by the Rebels – Star Wars: Empire at War Gaming, Rebellion Boys, YouTube

Raise your hands if you have ever wished you could be the Supreme Being that dictates which strategy is used to conquer galaxies in the Star Wars franchise. Now stop and think about the fact that the force made you… Read More »

By His Divine SHadow, October 5, 2015 Comments Off on Evilheart: Quinquaginta Featured, Music, Reviews

  Explosive. Demented. Earth shaking. A glorified paroxism of pussyvan. These are a few words that spring to mind when hearing Evilheart‘s offering ‘Quinquaginta’. (It means fifty in Latin). The songs on this belligerent, 10 track, Mexican album are as… Read More »

By Cressida, October 4, 2015 Comments Off on The 5 Anne Rice books to introduce you to her talent Books, Featured, Literature, Previews, Reviews

Today we are celebrating the birthday of an intriguing writer that is loved and adored by everyone who reads her literature. If you have not yet had a chance to read her work but you are looking for a great… Read More »

By Guest, October 4, 2015 Comments Off on Vampires and Feminism Books, Featured, Literature, Opinion

‘In the land of the living women’s power is limited – in the realm of the undead, which lies across and between that of the living, it might be greater’.-Linda Ruth Williams. In my opinion, October 6th, 1941 serves as… Read More »

By Metal Pangolin, October 4, 2015 Comments Off on ANNE RICE’S THE WITCHING HOUR (Comic book) Comic Books, Featured, Reviews

   Anne rice is known mostly for her books on vampires but there were other books that she wrote on other paranormal entities. One of them was turned into a comic book. “The Witching hour” was based, Anne rice’s, novel… Read More »

By His Divine SHadow, October 3, 2015 Comments Off on Display of Decay: Dust of Existence Featured, Music, Reviews

  If one stood before the gates of Hell, this is likely the sound track that would greet you. A sound track of suffering, pain, destruction and chaos; which would made by Display of Decay, and named their latest offering… Read More »

By Temporal Distortion, October 3, 2015 Comments Off on Metal Magic at Krank’d Up Featured, Live Events, Music, Reviews

This past weekend saw the 4th iteration of the ever growing Music Festival Krank’d Up at Sundowner’s Pub in Alberton. Set across a masterfully assembled outdoor main stage and a second indoor stage, the show was a glorious, sun scorching… Read More »