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SHARKNADO: Something fishy!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a review. It does, however, include snippets of the work of a cryptozoologist who took it upon himself to determine the

July 31, 2014 Film, Science and Technology
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ICON 2014

A week past, one of the most anticipated Geek/Nerd events occurred within the City of Gold, ICON. Now ICON may not be as popular nor

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Neigh-Bours Magical Medieval Fayre Interview

Having been a part of the Neigh-Bours Magical Medieval Fayre last year I can only say that it is well worth the visit. Today I

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Cave Troll’s World War 1 Games

And so we have the anniversary of World War 1 on our hands, the war slated to end all wars. Well not quite, but it

July 28, 2014 Gaming
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Praise the Fallen! (WW1)

“This is a war to end all wars.” – American President Woodrow Wilson. Today marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the “Great War”.

July 28, 2014 News, Opinion, Previews, Reviews, Trailer
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Lurking – An Indie Horror Game

“Sound is the only way you can see and they, they can hear your fears.” Lurking is an Indie Horror Game, but unlike many recent

July 27, 2014 Gaming, Previews, Reviews, Trailer
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Machinista: Arizona Lights and Xenoglossy

Sweden has been known for producing some of the best Electro-Pop of the past two decades and I’m glad to say that after listening to

July 26, 2014 Music, Reviews
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Happy 10th Birthday Salad Fingers

“I like Rusty Spoons” – Salad Fingers. Do you like rusty Spoons? Salad Fingers does, he also likes it when the red water comes out.

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Great Wizard Jenkins

Would you mind introducing yourself to our readers? My name is Justin Rogers (He’s the Great Wizard Jenkins. -Ed), and I am a Cosplayer from

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Recently we spoke to Swedish Electro-Pop duo, Machinista. What’s the history of Machinista? Richard: Well, in short. I was just closing down with my previous

July 23, 2014 Interview, Music
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