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Cosplaying in SA and beyond

Until fairly recently I wasn’t a cosplayer, I was that person aspiring to be first-time cosplayer. I would threaten to start running around as video-game

October 22, 2014 Cosplay, Featured, Interview, Lifestyle
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Hybrid Entertainment

What’s the history behind Hybrid Entertainment SA? Hybrid Entertainment SA began as an initative by one musician initially, to build events with likeminded artists in

October 21, 2014 Interview, Live Events
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Kevorkian Death Cycle

Today we speak to legendary Californian Industrial band, Kevorkian Death Cycle. What’s the history of Kevorkian Death Cycle? Greg: Kevorkian Death Cycle was started by

October 21, 2014 Interview, Music
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Hobby Island

Today we speak to Frankie Chow of Hobby Island. So Frankie, what’s the history of Hobby Island? Hobby Island established at 2009, we were starting

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Guerrilla Events

Today we speak to Clive, organizer of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal’s excellent Guerrilla Events. What’s the history behind Guerrilla Events? Guerrilla events grew out of necessity

October 20, 2014 Interview, Live Events
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Why do you Game?

If you aren’t enjoying what you are playing, if it’s no longer fun, why are you still gaming when you could just as well be

October 19, 2014 Gaming, Opinion
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Hey now Santa, where are my games?

“Good day Santa, no, that won’t work. Yo happy fatty! I think he’ll hate me. Howdy saint Nick… Whatever, listen up. I’ve been a very

October 19, 2014 Gaming, Previews, Trailer
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rAge: Really Awesome Geek Event

Vast distances were traversed to observe the annual migration of the species known as “The Geek”. With every significant event, there must always be an

October 18, 2014 Interview, Live Events
crypticdawnalbumcover 0 Cryptic Dawn: Old Blood Overall Score

Cryptic Dawn: Old Blood

I am not an admirer of Agrotech. To be honest I find the genre lacking in substance, flawed by cliches and riddled with meaningless and

October 18, 2014 Music, Reviews
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YOLO in Rainbow Six: Siege

Remember that time you played Call of Duty, died, and then had to watch the rest of the multiplayer match as a specter that stalks

October 17, 2014 Gaming, News
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