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Sepultura – Live in SA!

Just over a week ago (Friday night, 12 September) South Africans were treated to a night of head-bangs and mayhem when international Brazilian metal band

September 23, 2014 Featured, Live Events, Music
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William Louw Photography

Today we chat with local photographer, William Louw. Would you mind introducing yourself to our readers? Hi, my name is William, I’m almost 39 years

September 22, 2014 Arts and Culture, Interview
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Top 5 Funniest Music Videos

Music videos: love them or hate them, they are part of mankind’s eternal quest for entertainment. The following are a few of the more humourous

September 21, 2014 Music
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Revenant Cult

Today we speak to Australian band, Revenant Cult. What’s the history of Revenant Cult? Julian: I’ve had the idea of writing this kind of music since

September 20, 2014 Interview, Music
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Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day

“Avast me hearies!!” For those of you scallywags not in the knowing, September 19 be  International Talk Like a Pirate Day. ITLADP be created in

September 19, 2014 Arts and Culture, Blog, Lifestyle
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Survival Horror and the Female Protagonist

Survival horror – a beloved and frightening genre of gaming – has been breaking down gender discrimination for years when it comes to female protagonists,

September 18, 2014 Gaming, Opinion
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Today we chat to local photography studio, AlterNation. These guys have great talent and big ideas. What’s the history of AlterNation? The story of how

September 17, 2014 Arts and Culture, Interview
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VAC: Tour Interview

Today we speak to VAC (Velvet Acid Christ) regarding his recent world tour. So you’ve recently been on tour for the first time in a

September 16, 2014 Interview, Live Events, Music
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Eat, Explode and GET TO THE CHOPPA!!! – Eating while watching action movies makes you fat! (Maybe)

You’ve all seen the movie: The good guy is trying to save the day, the bad guy smugly tells him his master plan for world

September 15, 2014 Opinion
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Venus de Vilo: The Voice Of Horror

Today we speak to Venus De Vilo regarding her recent foray into poetry. So, what does “being creative” mean to you? I can’t speak for

September 14, 2014 Interview, Literature
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