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Happy 10th Birthday Salad Fingers

“I like Rusty Spoons” – Salad Fingers. Do you like rusty Spoons? Salad Fingers does, he also likes it when the red water comes out.

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Great Wizard Jenkins

Would you mind introducing yourself to our readers? My name is Justin Rogers (He’s the Great Wizard Jenkins. -Ed), and I am a Cosplayer from

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Recently we spoke to Swedish Electro-Pop duo, Machinista. What’s the history of Machinista? Richard: Well, in short. I was just closing down with my previous

July 23, 2014 Interview, Music
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“Smuggling the virus off the base was a masterstroke.” Cold winds, deep snows, an isolated laboratory and a team of scientists and civilians under threat

July 22, 2014 Reviews, TV
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Interview with Vegeta

No, you’re not hallucinating, you have indeed read the article title correctly. Today we speak to Adam Baroni about his role as Vegeta in the

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Miguel Lima

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Hi! I’m Miguel Lima, a cosplayer from Sunny South Africa, a Portuguese soccer loving cosplayer that is currently

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From Dusk till Dawn: The Series.

“I know that I have put you through hell, and I know that I have been one rough pecker. But from here on, you are

July 19, 2014 Reviews, TV
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Citizen 16: Construct

The dance-floor jumps and the walls vibrate as the hard hitting sounds of Citizen 16′s album “Construct” assault the nightclub. Hailing from both the U.S.A

July 18, 2014 Music, Reviews
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Battle Chess: Game of Kings

 “It took 2,000 years for someone to make chess better!” Those of you around in the 90′s should remember the original Battle Chess. For those

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Ai Yori Aoshi.

When I started out watching anime, I only knew about the adventurous, action-packed comedy type of anime. Then I came across Ai Yori Aoshi, a

July 16, 2014 Anime/Manga, Reviews, Trailer
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