72 hours and already into live music


I have now been upon England’s green and asphalt covered land for a little over 72 hours. It’s wonderful to be home. (Dover. South-East England to be exact. -Ed) Before me stands a glorious countryside, magnificent cliffs, and a myriad of historic buildings; and within each of these locales a million adventures await to be lived. It’s a fantastic thing to stand in the centre of a small town knowing that there is a plethora of unique and interesting entertainments available within walking distance.

Case in point, on Sunday night -while the sun was still up at 9pm- I indulged in a little sojourn at one of the local pubs. (Local pubs! What a statement! We have no pubs in Kempton Park now. It makes me sad. -Ed)

The Priory Hotel. Hotel and Pub. It’s all kinds of amazing.

The purpose of this little stay? Well, quite simply put, they had a small legion of bands playing live, a free buffet and a lot of good alcohol. Now I was not present for much of the event -to be honest I missed the first ten hours or so. But, at any rate, once I finally arrived at the gathering I got myself a pint of good Cornish ale, took to a comfortable seat, and enjoyed the show.

Granted I arrived late, and had consequently missed most of the groups, but I was still able to see the talented Defrenchy Acoustic Duo, who entertained all within the modest edifice (The Priory Hotel) with a myriad of groovy cover songs, entertaining banter and pleasant sounds. In fact, the sun had long departed when they finished their delightful performance. Though the evenings pleasures were far from over.

I look forward to seeing what’s next.

More drinks were purchased. New friends were made. A myriad of fun and entertaining conversations were had with some of Dover’s finest; and I even picked up a nice sunburn. (A sunburn in England? -Ed) Yes, a sunburn in England. (Oh, the irony! -Ed) Shut up Ed! Yes, it was a fantastic time. Thanks to all that made it so much bloody fun.

At any rate I have thus far enjoyed my new life in Europe. I am certain that the majority of the novelty will wear off in time, but I am hopeful that I can spend the next few years finding various happenings and random adventures that will arouse my joy and excitement. I’m just hoping I do not suffer another sunburn next summer.

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