925 Food


Sci-Fi Con is almost here. (3 days to go! *Happy dance.*) Now a few of you have asked me if there will be any food and drink available at the event. The answer?


We have food and drink.

Drink: Mobile Coffee Café

They have iced tea and iced coffee and slush puppies, and a whole lot of other lovely things to quench any thirst.


Food: Wook-Eats

Burgers – R30

Cheese Burgers – R35

Wors Rolls – R30

Chicken Salad – R30

Greek Salad – R25

Banana cake – R10 per slice

Madeira cake – R15 per slice

Mini doughnuts – R2.50 each or R10 a bag of 5

Chocolate muffins – R5 each


He’s cooking. Not cutting. So no fingers in your food.

Cold stuff: Bella And Boo Sa

Delicious frozen yogurt!


Looks amazing.



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