A Few New Games

Another day, another list of games to go through.


I adore platform games. There is something wonderful in running around like a loon, jumping over enemies, and scrambling over the environment. Case in point, Team 17 has recently unleashed a mental platform game upon the world. Welcome to the madness that is Yooka-Laylee.


Now we’ve been waiting for this game for a couple of years; and now, after an eternity of semis, we shall finally get our hands upon the indie run-and-gun we’ve needed. Produced by Canadian’s Chad and Jared Moldenhauer this game -taking a lot of inspiration from 1930’s cartoons- revolves around a Cuphead, a character who has to fight a number of vicious enemies in order to repay a debt to the Devil.

Earth Defense Force 5:

The fifth game in the Earth Defense Force franchise takes you from fighting monsters and insects and instead pits you against aliens in this entertaining third-person shooter.

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