A Veterans Guide to rAge

With rAge just around the corner, I decide to do a survival guide of sorts for first timers going to rAge. This guide is composed of tips and tricks from two rAge veterans, one who will be attending rAge for the 11th year in a row and the other their 9th.

Tip 1 – The first tip is often a well know tip and that is buying your tickets beforehand to avoid the queues upon entering the dome. Yet now you have this ticket but which entrance do you use? Well that depends on what day you go on. On Friday the best entrance would be the main entrance or entrance 1 as it has the most amount of cashiers so you enter faster, especially if you get there an hour or two before the doors open. On Saturday and Sunday the best entrance would be entrance 3 as it is be the larger parking area and even if there is a queue it is nowhere as long as the main entrance.

Tip 2 – Now you are in the dome and at rAge what is the best thing to do, in many cases people will just wonder around and look at the stalls. We normally have a game plan, by looking at the official map that can be found on the rAge website we see where the best stalls are and which stalls we want to look at first. In our cause we normally go straight to Dark Carnival as it is almost impossible to get into the stall any other time, next we go to BT games to check out the specials on special editions and then go to the demos.

Tip 3 – One of the main reasons people go to rAge is to shop, but what is the best way to get the most of your money. Play smart. Don’t just buy that figurine straight away often the stalls will have similar items for sale. Walk around and see if anyone has the same item at a cheaper price. Next see how many of that item the stall has. Do they have a chance of selling out. If yes I suggest buy it. If not wait. Often by about 13H00 on Sunday the stalls start to discount their items to clear their stock. This is often the best time to shop. Yet still go past the stall on a regular bases to just check you don’t miss out on the item.

Tip 4 – We all have to eat yet everyone knows the Domes food is expensive, yet people forget that they are right next to Northgate which has many places to eat. To save money I suggest that on Friday and Sunday rather go to the mall and eat. On Saturday rather eat in the Dome as you don’t want to leave and not be able to get back in if they close the doors.

Tip 5 – With any event there is a chance you could misplace your purse/wallet, phones etc. Always keep a piece of paper in your purse/wallet/bag with contact details in it so if it is turned in someone can contact you. On your phone change your lock screen to a contact number so you can be contacted as well. If you get business cards or pamphlets from vendors that you are worried about misplacing take a picture of it on your phone.

Tip 6 – Carry a bag with you to carry anything you buy as well as the free plastic bag you get at the door on your way in. This will also allow your hands to be free to look at stalls, just try get a small bag, you don’t want to hit people in the face as you walk by.

Tip 7 – Make sure all your electronics are charger, such as phones cameras, 3DS/2DS/DS etc… you don’t want to have to panic about your phone dying half way through the day. If you know your phone can’t hold a charge get a portable charger and put it in your bag for safe keeping.

Tip 8 – The last tip, yet the tip I find the most handy is the Dome is loud and it does not have the best signal so if you get separated from your family/friends/partner the chances of them hearing their phone or you getting signal to call them is not high. Rather agree on a meeting place so if the group gets split up you all can make your way there. We often use one of the food stalls as they are out the way and are always there. Such as the Chip n Dip.

Lastly have fun, enjoy yourselves and make the most of the event.

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