Adam West (19 September, 1928 – 9 June, 2017)

By now many of you will know that the most famous Batman of all time has passed away. No, Raven, not Ben Affleck. He’s still alive and well… maybe. Who cares? No, it is with an acid reflux filled heart that we say “Farewell!” to the great Adam West.

Now Adam West was not the first to play Batman (That went to Lewis Gilbert Wilson -28 January, 1920 – 9 August, 2000.) Nor was Mr. West the most successful of all Batmen (That would be Christian “The Angry Man” Bale.) But he was the most popular and long-lived live-action Batman ever!

Batman assaulted by a plastic shark. This is perhaps the most iconic scene of the 1960’s. Well this and Woodstock hippies on LSD.

Now this iconic sixties series was the epitome of the “Groovy Age.” It was, for those that have not seen it, a show made up of bright colours, soft characters, slapstick violence and easily repeatable catchphrases. (I like “Kapow” myself. -Ed) It was a show that was quite simply: far out and funky-groovy.

Now by today’s standards the show is seen as an incredibly weak and overly PC piece of retro weirdness. But it is a glorious cult classic and a show for those that like the sweeter side of darkness, and tight spandex.

Now one would think that Mr. West would have simply vanished after the sixties ended, but instead he became a household name for B-Movie fans throughout the seventies and eighties and nineties. Starring in such classics as Hell River, Zombie Nightmares, Return Fire, Omega Cop and so much more.

But perhaps his most famous role since the sixties is that of Mayor Adam West, in the animated comedy series Family Guy. There is something delicious in watching him ball-up government on so many levels. (It’s a bit like watching South African politics. Except less scary. -Ed)

Now Mr. West got married, had 6 children and a small army of grandchildren. He attended conventions. Travelled the world. And had a fuller life than many of us ever will. He’ll be missed by his fans; but we’ll always have him in film.

R.I.P Batman.

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