Aeraco: Baptized By Fire (Album Review)


Metal! Metal! Metal! Metal! More Metal! (I do hope you’re writing this all down?) There are few things that knock people out of their beds, and awaken the dead, like the explosive sound of Metal.

This is “Baptized By Fire” by the brutal Aeraco.

The songs on this album are, quite simply put, the epitome of Metal. There’s kick. There’s power. There’s aggression and style on multiple levels.

  • Back With Vengeance.
  • Cum To Rock.
  • Baptized By Fire.
  • Stab In Dim Light.
  • Tequila And Lime.
  • All I know.
  • Withered Rose.
  • In Hell We Trust.
  • In Vain.
  • Bad.
  • Fighting The Fame.
  • Lone Wolf.
  • The Outlaw.

Songs such as… Well, let’s be honest here. No one song stands out for me. Instead, each and every one of them pounds on your mind, body and soul. There is something wonderful about music that hits you on a myriad of levels.

Overall, “Baptized By Fire” is a brilliant album worthy of any Metal collection. It’s a must have for any Rockers across the world!

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