Some of us have been waiting a long time for THIS day to arrive. Others… have only just found out. But for those of us who have been patiently waiting for close to 11 years, our long wait is over. And the controversy has begun.

NOW, Tuesday is usually regarded as trailer day. However, I (your friend and humble narrator) will break the mould slightly as today we focus on not only the trailer, but a review as well; for we cannot sum up this monster of the gaming world with a few short paragraphs.


Alien: Colonial Marines (ACM) was originally set to release on PlayStation in 2001. However it was cancelled. THEN in 2006, it was picked up by SEGA, who announced that they, along with GEARBOX would be producing a finished product… at some stage. From then it was delayed, and pushed back for close to 7 years. Until finally being released on, 12 February 2013. (Last week.)



originalFor those of you who have seen, James Cameron’s 1986 classic film “ALIENS”, you will understand the following. For those who have not? Get yourselves a copy of that film, preferably the directors cut edition.

ACM takes place 17 weeks after the events in Aliens, and is set just prior to the events in Alien 3. You play as a Colonial Marine named Winter, voiced by Derek Phillips (Dishonoured, Grey’s Anatomy.) From the moment you awake from Cryo sleep, you are thrown into a battle down memory lane (for those of us who have watched the film.) From the bowels of the Sulaco, to a desperate battle through the – mostly destroyed – operations center in Hadley’s Hope. During which you, as well as your other team mates (that’s right, you have a squad to fight alongside) must learn the truth of what happened – and what Wayland-Yutani is still allowing to happen on the planet of LV-426.

Now without giving too much away. You have more than one type of alien drone to fight. And not all of your enemies are alien. (As subtle as a brick to the head.)

As an added bonus you even get to hear a few old familiar voices, with Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen and others returning to one of their most familiar roles.


ACM was the U.K’s biggest weekend sale of 2013, though she has not come close to matching, 2010’s, Aliens vs Predator 3. Since her release there has been a constant war between the fans and haters of the game. Complaints and praises come in a variety of flavours, and included…

  • Bad graphics.
  • Amazing textures.
  • Boring story.
  • Great story.
  • Too short.
  • Just right.

And so on. For every point there is an opposite one.



Though not the greatest game ever released. It is certainly far from the worst. As a fan of the Alien franchise my opinion is rather biased. Though I shall attempt to give you a few bullet points with as much of an unbiased opinion as possible.


  • I found the game play good.
  • I enjoyed the ALIENS references.
  • I loved the weapon upgrades.
  • It was nice to hear the familiar voices from ALIENS.
  • The Power-Loader battle was great fun.
  • I loved being part of a squad. (It was nice not running around on my own — all the time.)
  • The few minor glitches did not annoy me.
  • Multiplayer looks great.
  • Co-Op! I’m glad this is returning to our world.


  • The game was too short.
  • The story was rather limited.
  • I think they could have done better for close to a decades work on it.
  • I kept getting the feeling that they had more to offer, but didn’t.
  • The graphics looked a little dated.
  • It had very little in the way of a horror element.
  • Nothing new.

Whatever she may lack in singleplayer glory, she certainly makes up for it in multiplayer carnage. Like many other Alien franchise games, you can pick to play as either human or alien in multiplayer, pitting yourself against your friends in several objective based maps: escape, deathmatch to name a few.

Unlike previous titles, the Alien is now played in the third person; and being the marine is now a lot more terrifying with the nature of environment playing against you. Still there are few alien problems that a Smart-Gun can’t fix.

Aliens-Colonial-Marines-Collectors-EditionACM may not be down your alley. And if it is not then I would suggest saving your cash for Dead Space 3, or Crysis 3, which will no doubt keep you busy for days. However if you are like me, then get yourself a copy. ACM is available on multiple platforms.

For those who are not sold on the game… yet. A number of groups have started a large modding campaign, so perhaps the future of ACM lies in a modded multiplayer universe.




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