Today, we are going to discuss an upcoming title. A title that, if you are like me, already has you salivating like a lion at an ‘all you can eat’ pygmy buffet.

And if the teaser trailers are anything to go by, then this is going to be one of the scariest, heart stopping, mind blowing, trouser wetting and controversial video-game titles of all time. How so? Well, let’s break this sandwich down.


Proper Scary:

Over the past few years we have been given a number of good scares by the games industry. But in 99% on those occasions, we have overcome our fears, raised our rifles, and made the ‘scary monster’ go away… permanently. (BIG BADDA BOOM!)

However, imagine being 2 years old. You can barely stand straight, your motor skills still leave a lot to be desired (no chance of holding a rifle), and your mind has not yet adapted to the ‘realities’ of our world. So when things get scary they get VERY scary. (Bit like being a drunken midget.)

This is the reality of “Among the Sleep”.

Playing a first-person game, as a 2 year old will be hard enough. But, playing a first-person game, as a 2 year old, who is being chased around the house by all manner of supernatural forces… well… you know the rest.

Heart Stopping:

From what I have seen of the trailers, we are going to be in for a number of VERY scary moments. Supernatural forces, the power of nature, the nature of the environment you are in; all of these mediums are going to make for something unique and interesting.

This game promises to keep us loading and reloading sections, as we were too nervous to see what was happening the first time round…

Mind Blowing:

Too spend an entire game, starring up at a world that ‘WE’ take fore-granted; unable to get to the higher places, unable to escape in time, forced to scurry around on the floor like some sort of feral rodent. (Just like we do when you are in charge of the bar, Javerage.) Well, that is all part of the fun.

Trouser Wetting:

Again, 2 YEARS OLD! I’m already scared.


Well, as you play through the eyes of a two-year old child, some people will find this distasteful. Developers, Krillbite, have already received a number of complaints from various ‘concerned’ citizens regarding the nature of the game.
Mind you, if it has an age restriction of 18. Then your 5 year old has no business playing it!



As it is a new title, we can assume that it is going to need a more ‘modern’ system to run. But, I am positive that they will have adjustable settings for those of us with older machines.
We do however know that it is set for release on PC, and MAC… so far.


It is scheduled for release later in 2013. And I can’t wait!

More details to follow…


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