An Open Window

Today we speak to Patrick Ryder about his new film, ‘An Open Window.’

So what inspired you to create a An Open Window?

Growing up I was hugely influenced by the X files, it was a show which really changed my outlook on television and production. I have made films for several years but I thought it would be really fun to make a short in the same vein as The X Files or those old classic Hammer horror films.

What was the production like?

It was wonderful. We had a set amount if days to shoot so it was very much about shooting in sections to make sure we had everything we needed. All the actors, especially Ais De’ath were just wonderful to work alongside.

How did the production of ‘An Open Window’ differ from your other works?

This one was very much condensed. So each of the three shoots were intense in the shooting structure bit at the same time this allowed it to be a very focused shoot.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Trying to create the tense atmosphere, especially the creature itself, to create something which was both eerie and foreboding at the same time. We had a limited budget so it was about making the film look as good as possible with those restraints.

What sort of budget did you bring to ‘An Open Window‘?

It was made for approximately £300 bit that was nearly all spent solely of camera and lighting hire for the three day shoot.

How much have you relied on SFX?

Not an awful lot on this film. I wanted it to use as much physical effects as possible.

What is something that you know now that you wish you knew when you were first starting out on this project?

More is better. Some shots I would love to have been able to have more time to play with, steady cam is something I have just started to learn about and I would have loved to use that in this project.

What are you future plans for the film?

It is just going through final checks then we will send it off to festivals around the world as we have been well received in the past.


Could you give us a synopsis for the film?

‘An Open Window’ tells the story of a woman who purchases a beautiful ornate mirror from a local shop. What she believes is a wonderful gift soon turns into her worst nightmare when she discovers it carries a dark secret.

Any last words?

Watch this space as there are several very exciting new films on the way?

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