AnalogueTrash Records: Label Sampler Vol. 3 (Album Review)


By now you are probably well aware that I adore compilation albums. For those that do not know that, well, now you do. (Don’t you feel involved in 925 Rebellion now -like part of the family? -Ed) So, come now and join me in saying ‘welcome’ to this is -the third in an amazing set of compilation albums from an absolutely amazing record label. This is AnalogueTrash Records‘ most wonderful album “Label Sampler Vol. 3

The songs on this 14 track album demonstrate the diversity of the Alternative Electronic music scene -power, kick, style and more. The songs also show the brilliance of AnalogueTrash Records ability to find unique bands and creative sounds from across the world and to combine them together to form amazing albums and brilliant compilations.

  • Neonsol: Another Day (Radio Edit)
  • Syd.31: We Are the Freaks (Single Version)
  • Def Neon: Animal (Original Mix)
  • Factory Acts: AWG (Original Mix)
  • PreCog: Please Stand By (Original Mix)
  • St.Lucifer: Push the Button (Original Mix)
  • IIOIOIOII: Runner (Original Mix)
  • Goteki: Feel the Fear (Version)
  • Room 1985: This is the Way (Original Mix)
  • Dreams Divide: Tears from the Night Sky (Nature of Wires Remix)
  • Atomzero: Towards the Sun (Remix)
  • Vieon: Meteor (Vieon Remix)
  • Advance: Defect (Instrumental)
  • Nature of Wires: Time is Come (Advance Remix)

The songs on this album range from backside pounding tracks such as ‘Syd.31: We Are the Freaks‘ and ‘St.Lucifer: Push the Button‘, to dance-floor dominating songs like ‘Def Neon: Animal‘ and ‘Advance: Defect‘, all the way to amazing background tunes like ‘Neonsol: Another Day‘ and ‘Factory Acts: AWG‘. Essentially, if it is part of the flavour of the EBM-Industrial scene you can hear it and its like on this album.

Overall, “Label Sampler Vol. 3” is another brilliant compilation album from an amazing record label. It is an album that is worthy of any EBM-Industrial collection.

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