Anne rice is known mostly for her books on vampires but there were other books that she wrote on other paranormal entities. One of them was turned into a comic book. “The Witching hour” was based, Anne rice’s, novel of the same name was originally published in 1992. Only 5 issues were ever published even though it had been planned as a 13 issue series. I have been unable to ascertain why they only published 5 issues instead of 13, whatever the reason, have done fans a disservice .


Like the novel on which is was based, the comic book told the story of the Mayfair witches who live in New Orleans. The story starts off from the point of view of a doctor who has to visit his patient, Deirdre, who resides with her 3 relatives in an unkempt house.


She is introduced to us as a young woman sitting on porch, and not moving. we are told that she is in a vegetative state and that she has been this way fro quite a while for reasons unknown. The relatives are mysterious still and after subsequent visits by the doctor we are introduced to the mysterious man, Lasher, who is glimpsed from time to time and who may actually be a spirit. Insert pic 4 here It should be noted that the artwork by Duncan Eagleson is absolutely amazing to look at. and it does set an eery tone to the story as a whole. The colour palette used as does add to that as well.all in all thee first 5 issues of the miniseries are quite intriguing for someone like me who had never read the original novel before and as such was never familiar with the story. its a shame that the miniseries was not completed as was planned.

Publisher: Millenium Writer: Terry Collins Artist: Duncan Eagleson Publication date: 1992

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