ARTHEMIS: Blood Fury Domination


You have to admire the Italians. For such a conservative nation they do produce so many amazing Metal bands. One such group is the powerful Arthemis; and this is their latest offering to the gods of Metal, “Blood Fury Domination“.

(Amazing video from a brilliant previous album, Heroes.)

The songs on this remorseless, 11 track, album range from savage and brutal audio assaults to power ballads and insane fingering. (Stop sniggering.) Songs such as ‘Blistering Eyes‘ and ‘Warcry‘ are the sort of songs Viking raiders would have listened to had they access to stereos. Who am I kidding? They were too busy raiding to live in moshpits. But we, their descendants, can do that and more. And this is exactly what this album is: it’s more than Metal. It’s audio art for the anarchist and the elder gods. It’s bloody amazing!

Overall, “Blood Fury Domination” is a Metal album worthy of the genre. It’s moshpit starting and nightclub dominating. Playing this album too often is likely to cause your neighbours homes to burn down -it’s that bloody good!

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