The Idiocracy of Fighting Over Gaming Platforms

Gaming Consoles

Aren’t humans great… OK OK, stop laughing. So yea we are hardly the best thing to happen to this planet aren’t we, give us any sort of topic and we will master the art of breaking it down into factions and fighting about them. At least in the past it was over big things like what language we speak, or what religions we should follow. But now that the world has progressed into more “civilised” times (not really but kind of) we have decided to do this over the more trivial side of life, like what gaming platform we prefer. Now in the early days of video games arcades were the only option you had. Each machine it’s own platform […]

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The Orville Through the Eyes of a Star Trek Fanboy

Orville Logo

 So I finally got round to watching Seth MacFarlane’s high budget star trek fan film, The Orville. Much Like MacFarlane, I am quite the star trek fanboy so lets see how this tribute / spoof lives up to things. Now while it is the in thing at the moment is to run comparisons between The Orville and the new Trek series Discovery, I have yet to watch Discovery thus will avoid making any comparisons between the two. I will however note the clear not to The Original Series and Next Generation, both of which clearly played an influence. The Orville is set about 400 years in Earth’s future where MacFarlane plays Ed Mercer , an officer in a federation like […]

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The Doors Nightclub Rises

The Doors Nightclub

 A stalwart of the Johannesburg alternative scene since 1990, the Doors Nightclub rises again in its 3rd location. Rocking on forever! Now I’m too young (Finally I’m not the old fogy for once) to have experienced the original Doors in Marshal St in Johannesburg proper. In 1998 they moved into the suburbs, and I spent much of my 2006-2012 years frolicking, angry hardcore frolicking because its a rock / metal / punk venue of course, in this location. While the South African alternative scene isn’t the biggest, or most united, Doors was a place for all the sub genres to jam together. dancing and cheap beer for all. It was a sad day for the community in August 2015 when […]

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StarCraft Remastered: Welcome Back Old Friend

StarCraft Remastered

Ah StarCraft, many a childhood afternoon, evening, and weekend was spent basking in your glory. And a few teenagehood (is teenagehood a word ?) and adulthood years as well. Back when you didn’t have to wait 43 years between each instalment of the same game, or run the risk of your whole install becoming corrupt because one map update didn’t download properly, because Blizzard assumes everyone has the world’s best internet, StarCraft 1 was one of the defining games of the late nineties, early naughties. It didn’t define the genre like its predecessor WarCraft, nor did it refine it like Westwood Studios’ vast catalogue. Still somehow it managed to stand out as the pinnacle RTS game of its time, and […]

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Perception – Indie Game Review


 Update(12 Dec 2017): Keys are now remappable, updating to 4 stars. —– Are you afraid of the dark ? Perception lets you explore a haunted house through the eyes… well ears of a blind girl, trying to uncover it’s mysteries… Here is one I’ve been waiting for a while. So earlier this week Perception released on Steam. For those of you who don’t know, Perception is the debut game by new developer The Deep End Games. The Game The game sees you please as Cassie, a girl exploring a haunted house, and in the process exploring the demons of her own past. Now the twist to the tale is that Cassie is completely blind. As you try to navigate your […]

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Werewolf the Apocalypse comes to PC.

Back in October 2015 when White Wolf Studios were acquired by Paradox interactive, we all began wondering if Paradox would start churning out a plethora of branded games in the franchise. Skip to The beginning of 2017, and turns out we were both right and wrong. A new game is coming, but strangely enough it will in fact be developed by Cyanide (Blood Bowl 2, Game of Thrones, Call of C’thulu) and published by Focus Home Entertainment. Those of you who know me will know I adore White Wolf Studio’s Vampire The Masquerade, possibly beyond what you could call healthy levels. However this time round instead of the MMO Vampire the Masquerade, or Bloodlines 2 we were all expecting (read: hoping […]

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A Night with Iron Maiden

And now that the dust has settled -and I have recovered from both a cold and a series of exams- it is time to reflect upon the grand spectacle that has thus far been one of the best nights of my life. (No, we did not sleep together -Ed) It is not often one gets to simply knock a major item off their top bucket list; but recently I did just that. Dreams do come true, and your faithful Wookiee has seen Iron Maiden Live. Years in the making, this is the tale of the greatest of adventures. My love of Iron Maiden started in my early years of high school when a friend lent me his Brave New World […]

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The Dawn of the 3rd Age of 925

Well here we are. It’s officially April, so I’m officially in charge …MWAHAHAHAHA, Bow to me petty mortal peasants…. um… anyway… So as some of you probably know, our glorious leader and overlord -His Divine Shadow- is currently busy on a number of projects expanding our empire, that are keeping him away from the daily articles we’ve all come to know and love. Fear not lovely peoples Wookiee to the rescue. Whilst I do not have the time to post daily, you should be seeing me (and  possibly the odd guest) fairly regularly. Should anyone want to try their hand at the odd article hit me up at, or our social media pages. So who am I you might […]

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Wookiee Wednesday Westwood Wonderment


 Hey there kids, come sit round and listen to an old man grumble about the good old days of gaming. You see back before the time of you younglings, there was more to gaming than Call of Duty, DOTA, and World of Warcraft (and their numerous clones that you are now telling me are better for an infinite number of pointless reasons, that are meaningless to anyone but you). One of the absolute highlights of this golden (well I suppose Silver, Gold probably belongs to the NES) age of gaming was Westwood Studios, who until EA sent in their hordes of salesmen to ruin all their franchises, was one of the pinnacles of the industry. Founded in October 1985 (meaning […]

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Has rAge Outgrown Itself ?


 rAge is the premier event on the Johannesburg nerd scene, and has been a staple event for tech heads since the early days of my childhood. Initially a purely computer convention, featuring new technology and games that were on the way, it has grown over the years to include so much more. From comic books to cosplay, figurines to geek apparel, rAge truly has come to be the proverbial Mecca of the South African geek and nerd community. But has its grown too much ? Now before you all crucify me, let me clarify my point. I have been sitting here looking through the various posts from rAge, as one usually does after such events. I’ve been going through the […]

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