Behold The Glory that is Paradigm


Ah good friends welcome back. Fresh from delving into the warped world West of Loathing, I’ve decided to keep riding the weird train into oblivion. Any of you who know me know I love my strange. and not much comes stranger than Paradigm. I’m super late to the party, but the game is the awesome, so lets bring back the hype.

I first came across Paradigm early in it’s life (2014) as kickstarter hopeful. So impressed was I that my own wallet did contribute to being the sperm to Kickstarter’s fertile egg of a concept. The loving mother in this increasingly disturbing analogy is one Australian (explains the weird – Ed) Jacob Janerka. Janerka eventually able to quit his job and shift into game development.

Set in a dystopian ex-soviet state drowning in seventies and eighties aesthetic (Also blowjobs – Doug). Paradigm follows our hero conveniently named Paradigm through this wondrous wilderness of colourful characters. Eventually culminating in the showdown with maniacal overlord Donald Trump… er I mean Olaf the Sloth with a Trump Wig. Other characters include; A traffic Cone superhero, a cocaine obsessed glam rock pug, a sentient water-cooler, and many many more.

The game itself is a point and click adventure, beautifully drawn and animated by Janerka. As good as it looks, the sound follows suite. The ‘phat beatsies’ provided by¬†Jonas Kjellberg. The game, and indeed the characters and dialogue are equally well written… Though I suspect Jacob might just need some serious therapy. Though maybe not, I do want more of this glorious odd. Beyond the weirdness, there is some extremely well written humor in this game, much in the style of Python and the like.

All jokes aside, this is a great game, and even more impressive considering about 80% of it was done by one guy just out of his own passion. With the lackluster and cliche nature of most modern Triple A titles, the Indie scene needs our support for keeping the heart in gaming. And this one of the best I’ve come across.

Check the website, or get it on Steam.

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