Best of the worst. (Film Review)


It has been a while since we did anything film related. Oh, let’s be honest, it’s been bloody years since we looked at anything not music related. Thus today is going to be a day of some significance, for today we look at perhaps the best-worst movie ever made. Today we look at…

THE ROOM (2003)

Right, so we’ll jump right in with this: Wookiee made me watch this film. I’m still in therapy and have developed a morphine addiction from seeing it. (That’s my excuse and I am sticking with it!) 

I am calm….

I’m calm…

No I’m not…..

Right, so for the dozen of you that have never seen this film let me give you a little background information on this cult abortion. The film is the brainchild of Tommy Wiseau who is an American… or Polish… or French.. possibly alien? No one seems to know where the hell he’s from! Even he seems confused about it…… Anyway, Mr. Wiseau came up with the idea of a stage-play in 2001. When that did not workout he turned the play into a 500 page book which he was unable to get published. After that he turned his masterpiece into an indie film so he would have complete control over the project. (Somehow he managed to get six million Dollars to create the film. My mind still boggles!)

At any rate, the film is set in San Francisco and revolves around a love triangle between Johnny (possibly Jimmy or Timmy -they do say that in the film) “played” by Wiseau; his best friend Mark played by Greg Sestero (He’s actually quite a well known actor now), and some bint called Lisa. *Insert “still a better love story than Twilight” joke here.* Oh, and there are a number of other people in the film, one of whom turns into a completely different chap by the end of the film. Worry not folks, it gets worse.

So the film attempts to wind its way down the usual romantic-drama corridors as the characters search for love, lose, meaning to their lives and other cac like that. However, as the film is so bloody bad most of the drama is underplayed -particularly by Wiseau who couldn’t act his way out of a wet paper bag- and by a number of other characters who seem equally confused by the presences of video cameras, the disappearance of subplots; and are completely thrown by the unkempt mutant squid that Wiseau calls his hair -possibly his alien overlord?

Now instead of listing all the “WTF” moments in the film, I’ll instead let the brilliant people at have that honour.

Hopefully you enjoyed that.

It was something else wasn’t it?

FUN FACT: Throughout the film the eagle eyed will notice that there are a number of picture frames scattered around the “apartment”, now these frames are store bought and still contain their original background image. Essentially, there’s a lot of pictures of spoons across the film.The spoons and American footballs have become something of the must have item for any cosplaying fan of the film. Yes, they have cosplaying fans that chuck spoons and footballs at each other at midnight screenings of this massive cult film. I’ll give you a few moments to let that sink in.

Got that?

Has it sunk in?

I do hope so.

Now the film is absolutely terrible. But! And this is a massive but! The film is so shockingly bad that it is a film worthy of watching several times over. It’s a cult classic! It’s bloody hilarious! It’s so bad that it’s good! It’s better than *Insert second “still a better love story than Twilight” joke here.* I would suggest you do watch it if you want to see something quite different from the usual comic-book based schlock that dominates the world these days.

Now the film… well Wiseau at any rate, has become something of an internet sensation. So much so that he has invaded dozens of other films over the past few years. Hell, he’s been in pretty much everything from Star Wars to Batman and Jaws.

Now after all this insanity I am sure that a number of you are hoping that the lunacy of Wiseau has been stopped once and for all. But, alas, you are in no such luck. In fact, Greg Sestero wrote a book about the making of “The Room” which is itself being turned into a film starring James Franco. (The Disaster Artist).

FUN FACT: There’s a video game for this madness as well and a webseries which is due for release this year.

Oh, and Wiseau and Sestero have just finished another film together entitled “Best F(R)iends”. I’ve no clue what it’s about, but I’m sure it’s equally as scary as their last quixotic endeavour.

Bottom line, if you’d like to watch something so unique and mind-blowing then give this amazing piece of insanity, and all of Tommy’s other works a watch. You won’t be the same again.

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