Blazin’ Aces. Game Review.


My gun has overheated. Smoke spews from my plane, bullets fly past me in all directions, and a myriad of enemy fighters swarm around me like hornets after jam. THIS is dog-fighting in its purest essence. This is Blazin’ Aces.


Last week we previewed this video-game. Today we review it after a weekend of intense sky battles.

Taking nearly two and a half years to complete, this internationally produced/locally made (South African), game puts you in “The Ace’s” pilot seat as he fights for freedom, justice, comradeship and revenge through an intense combat filled 2D world.
The game is easy to play, quick to learn, but a bugger to master. I must have been shot down a dozen times in less than 5 minutes.

The game features.

  • Arcade-style aerial combat. (It’s like an ode to the classics. Can anyone say Sopwith? -Ed.)
  • Caption filled animated storyboards that add a nice comic-book style to the campaign.
  • Customizable skirmish mode. (This can get intense.)
  • Engaging single player campaign.
  • Easy to pick up, hard to master gameplay.
  • Orchestral soundtrack.
  • Special weapons.

Creator, Duncan Bell (We interviewed him a few months back. Remember? -Ed.) said this of Blazin’ Aces. “It was a great experience to not only create the game, but release it. The local community has been amazing, and so far the game has been received positively. It’s a surreal experience to see your work critiqued by international and local journalists, and if anything, has made me super excited to start working on my next project.”

The game is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


IF you like fast paced action, simple fun, and pure entertainment, then this game IS for you!

For more details visit Blazin’ Aces official website.

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