Blue Man Group


So here I am sitting at home, my head still pounding and my eyes still spinning -it’s all rods and cones, baby. What a night that was. Good Lord! It was absolutely fantastic. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it was legendary. What caused this legendary evening? Well, it’s simply the amazing meal that I had at Monte Casino. No, I lie. It was watching Wookiee play ten-pin bowling with a buggered hand. No. I am lying again. It was, in fact, the show put on by the gloriously entertaining Blue Man Group; who are at present playing across South Africa. (Go see them!)

Now I wanted to give you a well written and well thought out -as well as overly descriptive- review of what Wookiee and I experienced at Monte Casino last night; but alas, how can one write a review for something that must be experienced in first person? It’s like describing art in a dark room: pointless. You need to go and see and experience something so amazing for it to sink into your mind, body and soul. Simple as that.

I asked Wookiee to give me a quote regarding last nights show, and he gave me this: It was a feast of audio, visual, and comedy delights. I was hoping for something verbose, but I fear Wookiee might still be suffering ManGasm. (Not sure if that is a thing, but it shall be from here on in.)

What can I tell you to whet your appetite to see this amazing show? I’m not certain. But I will tell you this: The Blue Man Group, is one of the best performing groups on the planet. Their shows are amazing, interactive, thrilling and absolutely wondrous to behold.

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