Brutal Legend


There was a steam sale,
And I wasn’t broke this time round,
Among the clutter and crap,
A game I wanted I found,

It featured metal music,
And an actor world renowned,
Once I started playing,
My inner metal head awoke at the sound.

The Brutal Legend of Eddy Riggs is a tale as old as 2008 when this title released as a console exclusive, published by EA. In recent years it has been ported to PC, finally allowing me to embrace my eternal wish of becoming an axe swinging, guitar riff playing, hot-rod riding metal head that was sent by forces unknown so safe the world of metal.

You play Eddy Riggs, voiced and modelled after a muscular Jack Black, a roadie that works in the modern metal industry that ends up giving his life to make the new-metal band members of Kabbage Boy look as good as they deserve. When his blood runs over the amulet he wears, an ancient demon hailing from the land of metal awakens and send him to another dimension. Upon waking up he discovers he now summons lightning and fire by playing his guitar Clemantine, he unearths a buried axe that grants him incredible strength and he gets caught up in a war between metal heads, other petty humans and their demon overlords. He also discovers that the one who dragged him into this mess looks good in pitch black tight jeans and a tank top. More than just an accident has brought Eddy to the Badlands and it is up to Eddy and his extensive knowledge of the Metal industry to save the land and all of its people.

The game features over 100 tracks by different metal artist and has several characters voiced and modelled after other metal artists as well. Ozzy Ozborne is an ancient guardian of metal that sells you upgrades to your car, attire and skills, then sends you off with things he’d scream off a stage. The kill master is a healer that heals by playing the guitar base, the strings of which are made using deadly giant spiders, modelled after and voiced by Lemmy Kilmister. Even a few tracks of Tenacious D plays while you cruse your sweet hot-rod, the “druid-plow”.

The game plays as a mix of various genres. Mostly you play Eddy himself in a third-person perspective, running and slashing across the land littered with engine parts, dead things, amps and speakers. Every so often a demon challenges you to races which means you have a bit of car driving too. Now and again you have to fight a boss, which is always preceded by a stage battle. A stage battle consist of each setting up a main stage, then capturing geysers that erupt fan energy by building merchandise booths over them to fuel the construction of your units. You can then run into battle and take part yourself, or take on Eddy’s demon form which flies above the battlefield to issue command in a real-time strategy game style. Your goal is to destroy you enemy’s stage using metal, magic, massive axe swings and large amounts of troops.


While the graphics are dated, the game world itself is quite impressionable. The open world has several different zones with distinct looks to suit the different metal genres they embody, as well as the inhabiting creatures and minions that follow suit. The ambient music also changes to suit the area. The theme of the game, being metal, is ever present, even if sometimes subtle. The birds at the coast are essentially microphones with wings, the native tribe in the forest is Kiss inspired and the giant black laser eyed panthers in the forest don spoked chockers and bracelets. Nothing says metal like an army of head-banging, long-haired metal heads that run around patrolling whilst shaking their fists in the air.

It may be old but Brutal Legend is definitely a game worth gold. If you like Action-Adventure, Real Time Strategy or Metal, you will find this game worth all your time and love. This is by far the most metal game you’ll ever play!

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