Bubbles Erotica: Bubbles Erotica (Album Review)


There is something of a Retro-Renaissance happening in the world of Alternative music of late. Bands seem to be delving into the music of the ’70’s and ’80’s and even the ’60’s, and are creating, from nibbling bits of this delicious smorgasbord of unique sounds, their own wondrous tunes, tracks and pieces of creative brilliance that will live long into the 22nd century.

One of these bits of brilliance is “Bubbles Erotica” from Bubbles Erotica.

Now… let us have a look at the album itself. “Bubbles Erotica” is an album that mixes the best of a number of fantastic genres and styles together. There is a wonderful dollop of Rock n’ Roll spirit running through its veins. There is a brilliant number of funky and groovy sounds running across the whole ensemble. There is an amazing mix of retro-futuristic noise galloping in all directions.

  • Cicada Arcade
  • Humbaba
  • Under Your Wing
  • Op C
  • Wisco Disco
  • Home
  • All I Want
  • Cloak & Dagger
  • Ghost
  • Alive

After listening to this work of genius I can tell you that there are a number of brilliant songs on this album. Songs such as “Humbaba” and “Cloak & Dagger” are both backside kicking songs that have the potential to conquer moshpits and alternative nightclubs for years to come. Where as songs like “Op C” are the sort of tracks you’d hear on the O.S.T of a major Hollywood blockbuster or a fantastic indie series.

Side note: Right, so you’ve probably noticed that this review is a bit… chunkier than usual. Well the reason for that is simple: we need to increase the reviews for the advertising software. Yes, we are whores to the advertising machine. Larger articles = more cash.

Bottom line, “Bubbles Erotica” is a brilliant album worthy of any far-out music collection. It’s got kick. It’s got style. It’s got a lot of ass-kicking sounds and a ton of backside thumping rhythms that make you want to hear the album again and again.

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