Geekfest 2018, a Wild Joshe Investigates


 For a fair amount of time now, Geekfest has been a staple on the South African convention calendar. A Day or two of fun for all factions of the geek world. I’ve been attending since 2012ish. Unfortunately, of late the dates always clash with my exam timetables. Luckily I have attained a minion of Joshe, although he isn’t quite as yellow as to be up to spec for official regulations. No matter we make do, perhaps I can organise some neon yellow spray paint or some such. Meanwhile enjoy the wild adventurings, and slightly mad ramblings of the Joshua – Ed Geekfest 2018 a roaring success Events, festivals or gatherings these days can boast many things. Size, quantity and vulgar […]

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Comic-Con finally comes to South Africa

Comic-Con Africa

So you may have heard the news last week. But if not, Comic-Con will be coming to South Africa in 2018. While we have had quite a few geek-related events over the years. The 925 family have been regulars at Geek Fest for years now. But Comic-Con is a whole other level. In partnership with VS Gaming and Reed Exhibitions, SA Comic-Con will hit the Kayalami Convention Centre 14 -16 September 2018. Local stars John Kani and Connie Chuime, fresh off the success of Black Panther will be in attendance. International confirmed stars include video game voice actors Troy Baker and Nolan North have already been confirmed. Some stars of Game of Thrones and Big Bang Theory have also been […]

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The Doors Nightclub Rises

The Doors Nightclub

 A stalwart of the Johannesburg alternative scene since 1990, the Doors Nightclub rises again in its 3rd location. Rocking on forever! Now I’m too young (Finally I’m not the old fogy for once) to have experienced the original Doors in Marshal St in Johannesburg proper. In 1998 they moved into the suburbs, and I spent much of my 2006-2012 years frolicking, angry hardcore frolicking because its a rock / metal / punk venue of course, in this location. While the South African alternative scene isn’t the biggest, or most united, Doors was a place for all the sub genres to jam together. dancing and cheap beer for all. It was a sad day for the community in August 2015 when […]

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Werewolf the Apocalypse comes to PC.

Back in October 2015 when White Wolf Studios were acquired by Paradox interactive, we all began wondering if Paradox would start churning out a plethora of branded games in the franchise. Skip to The beginning of 2017, and turns out we were both right and wrong. A new game is coming, but strangely enough it will in fact be developed by Cyanide (Blood Bowl 2, Game of Thrones, Call of C’thulu) and published by Focus Home Entertainment. Those of you who know me will know I adore White Wolf Studio’s Vampire The Masquerade, possibly beyond what you could call healthy levels. However this time round instead of the MMO Vampire the Masquerade, or Bloodlines 2 we were all expecting (read: hoping […]

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A tale full of sound and fury told by a nerd signifying meaning: (Or how fanboys have hijacked my identity)

When I was growing up, when you entered the mean streets of high school you inevitably knew that you would fall prey to the categorization process. Nobody escapes. This is where kids are mentally rounded up like cattle and corralled into the various social paddocks where you would remain for the rest of your school career. There were the Jocks, powerful and mighty. Their physical attributes enabled them to kicketh many a rear end of a student whom should dare to attempt to rise above his or her station. With muscles the size of grapefruits I can stand up and say… that I would and will never be confused for a jock. Then we had the goths, who pretty much […]

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Time Commanders

Anyone that knows me is aware that I am a fanatical study of military history. Granted, I enjoy history in general, but there is something captivating about military history. I do not think that there is a subject on Earth that has shaped the course of humanity like that of military history.   Case in point: if it were not for the Norman invasion of Anglo-Saxon England in 1066, England/English would not be what it is; the UK would not have been formed; the British Empire would not have happened and English would not be the most used language on Earth. Additionally, the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, India and numerous other nations would either not exist or would probably […]

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The Bacon Battalion

What do you get when you combine RPG’S, cameras, bacon and YouTube? Perhaps one of the sexiest shows ever made. Welcome to the Bacon Battalion. Would you mind introducing yourself to the readers? I’m Guy Sclanders and have been Roleplaying since 1991.  That’s before Pokemon Go, Smartphones,social media and Harry Potter fans. Now Tabletop Roleplaying, like Dungeons and Dragons, has left the… ahem… Dungeon and is flourishing on Youtube. That;s where me and the team create How To be a great GM, How to be a great Player and system review videos and of course it where our weekly Role playing game is hosted. The channel is there to help geeks get more out of their game (role-playing). Basically it’s […]

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Metal Pangolin’s Comic Book Movie Forecast

Episode 1: The Age of the Pangolin’s Return Rises So, that Deadpool movie right? Right? Well the year has just started and you are all in luck as there’s a whole bunch of movies that have a comic book influence coming out this year. We’ll have Dark knights, men of steel, armoured avengers… why waste your time further. Here’s the next few movies you can look forward to in a few months Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice We find ourselves in the “Gladiator match of the century” where the Dark Knight of Gotham, Batman, is pitted against “Krypton’s last son”, Superman, who is now called Superman instead of “Super…..” unlike in the “Man of Steel” where his superhero alias […]

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In-depth triple shoot cosplay. (Part 3)

-Valka- Welcome to the third and final week of this unique cosplay journey. Today we look at the final and most complex cosplay produced by Adele (Gothcatgirl’s Cosplay Adventures) and Andrew (Bake by AJ). What made you decide to go with Valka? I was re-watching How to Train Your Dragon for the umpteenth time, and she suddenly jumped out at me. I loved how eccentric and misunderstood she was. How isolated. And how she turned that into a force for good. Also, the outfit was insane. The level  of engineering that would go into the outfit, was almost a case of the unachievable. Which meant it was a challenge. What sort of research did you do for Valka? Apart from re-watching […]

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In-depth triple shoot cosplay. (Part 2)

-Viking Maiden- Welcome back. Welcome to the second week of this unique cosplay-photography experience.  Once again we join legendary cosplayer Adele (Gothcatgirl’s Cosplay Adventures) and photographer Andrew (Bake by AJ). Why Vikings? Why not?  I have Scottish blood in me, so I claim a wee bit Norse blood!  Also, vikings are badass.  Their gods are epic.  Their lives were dramatic. (Nothing like dying of old age at thirty. Ed) No horned helmet? Nope, according to archaeological digs they wore leather and beaten steel helms.  No horns in sight. (They wore skull caps, like their Norman descendants.) The horns became popular when it was in operas in the 1800’s. How did the TV series influence you? Utterly.  Lagertha and the other […]

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