“It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it.” —Jack Kerouac. The written word captures our imagination; while films show the spoils of our mind to the world. Both of these mediums are a fantastic way of expressing ideas and concepts. However the battle-lines between readers and watchers is moving closer, as famous works of literary genius are transformed into fantastic high-budget films; then transformed back into print. So, Wookiee, you get books based on the film, which itself is based on a book. Thus giving you ONE film and TWO distinct books. All of which have their own fanatics lining the streets and flogging themselves in abject worship of “their” beloved personal choice. All this leaves us with […]

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 “There was no way I was gonna walk around this place with my dork hanging out!” – Den. HEAVY METAL: 36 years on. Have you watched the “Heavy Metal” films, read the magazines, played the game? You haven’t! Well, you must rectify that at once. Since 1 April, 1977, Heavy Metal magazine and all its offspring have been thrilling the world with tales of horror, science-fiction, good old fashioned adventure stories and pictures of semi-naked warrior ladies. Over the course of this – long – article we shall look back over the past 38 years of the Heavy Metal franchise. The reason it is called, Heavy Metal? Well, that’s simple. Heavy Metal music: Black Sabbath, Devo, and Grand Funk Railroad […]

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Pop Culture: The West’s Greatest Weapon?


 “TO WAR” – Saruman: LOTR. Those of you who have read my previous articles; will have noticed that I tend to concentrate on the happier things in life. I’m not one for rocking the boat; upsetting the established order; or causing a never ending backlash against myself. In fact, I try and avoid being “serious” as much as possible… BUT! Today I’ve had a slight (though temporary) change of heart. I’ve spent the past few hours going through various “serious” articles, regarding the West’s use of POP Culture as a Weapon of Mass Destruction! (I thought that would get your attention.) Now according to a diverse group of unrelated people, from different parts of the world, POP CULTURE is the […]

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