Thank you, Stan Lee.

Stan Lee

I have given this article a bit of thought. At first, I was considering an article about Stan’s life. Then, I thought about an article relating to his best works. After some time another cliché popped into my head; but I won’t bore you with the details. Instead, I shall simply and honestly write down my feelings and thoughts regarding Mr. Lee. Now I am not the most prolific of comic-book readers, but I do enjoy the occasional self-contained story, or short story series. I have found enjoyment in certain characters, and I have smiled and laughed along with some of the films…. Some. But above all, and somewhat obviously, I adore the written word. Thus, I would like to […]

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Comic-Con Africa brings the mighty Comic-Con to South Africa.

Comic-Con Africa Logo

 Greetings to all you sexy peoples. This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Comic-Con Africa, so as you would expect here is me being all excited and writing about it. Much like every media institution in the country is probably doing this week. Comic-Con Africa has been brought to our shores by ReedPop, who themselves are no strangers to organizing Comic-Con’s all over the world, in collaboration with Telkom VS Gaming. Now Geek/Nerd pop culture related conventions are nothing new to South Africa. Geekfest, rAge, and Icon among others come to mind, but a big international event like Comic-Con Africa is a whole new level for us. So how did it go ? I’ll admit I was initially […]

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Comic-Con finally comes to South Africa

Comic-Con Africa

So you may have heard the news last week. But if not, Comic-Con will be coming to South Africa in 2018. While we have had quite a few geek-related events over the years. The 925 family have been regulars at Geek Fest for years now. But Comic-Con is a whole other level. In partnership with VS Gaming and Reed Exhibitions, SA Comic-Con will hit the Kayalami Convention Centre 14 -16 September 2018. Local stars John Kani and Connie Chuime, fresh off the success of Black Panther will be in attendance. International confirmed stars include video game voice actors Troy Baker and Nolan North have already been confirmed. Some stars of Game of Thrones and Big Bang Theory have also been […]

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Call of Cthulhu (Video Game, 2017)

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” – H.P. Lovecraft. I am a mere sacricolist at the altar of Lovecraft. His work has inspired my own short story series, as well as many of my other works. And I know that I am not alone in this. In fact, Lovecraft has inspired us more than any purely magazine printed author of all time. Naturally, his work has influenced film, music and video games. Now the latter of these have given us a few good scares over the years, but as of December 2017, those scares are likely to become soul destroying as Call of Cthulhu […]

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The Man In The High Castle (Review)


 The universe is full of “what if” moments. It is part of the cornerstone of human nature to guess, assume and visualise what could have, would have, and will possibly happen. It’s in our very DNA. We like to assume, and we like to see alternative ways in which things can play out. So it should come as no surprise that someone wrote a book, and someone made a TV series based around the idea that the NAZI’s and the Empire of Japan won WW2. This is the amazing book and TV show “The Man In The High Castle”. Right, so we’ll start with a little background for this show. “The Man In The High Castle” was the brainchild of […]

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Abigail Godsell

After a long time -millennia in fact- I have finally managed to sit down with, and chat to, South African fiction writer, Abigail Godsell. So give us a little of your writing background. I’ve been writing for publication for a while now. I first started out in Something Wicked Magazine, run by Joe Vaz and Vianne Venter. They were willing to beat a high-schooler’s horror prose into something readable and launch a career by treating her like a professional to boot. I still don’t think anyone has put into words how much the SA spec-fic scene owes these two people and the magazines, books and website they produced. In 2012 I was lucky enough to be taught by renowned authors […]

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Metal Pangolin’s Comic book roundup


 Episode 2: Wrath of the Rise of the Planet of the Pangolins at Dusk Dr. Strange Of all the movies in Marvel studios upcoming slate that has me intrigued, Dr. Strange is is the one that will really test just how well they can put together a movie that stays well within the bounds of the universe they have already constructed while at the same time introducing new and exciting elements to it, that have up until now been absent. “Dr. Strange” will finally introduce magic or something akin to magic to the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU). The title character will be portrayed by fan favourite actor, Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) who will be joined by an all-star cast including Tilda […]

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Metal Pangolin’s Comic Book Movie Forecast

Episode 1: The Age of the Pangolin’s Return Rises So, that Deadpool movie right? Right? Well the year has just started and you are all in luck as there’s a whole bunch of movies that have a comic book influence coming out this year. We’ll have Dark knights, men of steel, armoured avengers… why waste your time further. Here’s the next few movies you can look forward to in a few months Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice We find ourselves in the “Gladiator match of the century” where the Dark Knight of Gotham, Batman, is pitted against “Krypton’s last son”, Superman, who is now called Superman instead of “Super…..” unlike in the “Man of Steel” where his superhero alias […]

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Metal Pangolin’s Deadpool Review


 Deadpool was not treated well the first time he appeared on screen in X-men Origin’s Wolverin. The attempt by 20th Century fox to tell the origin story of the beserker, adamantium skeleton-laced, Canadian, claw popping mutant known around the world as Wolverine. In this botched attempt at a movie, Deadpool was only recognisable as the character he is in the comics by name alone and this left fuming. I guess this is the point in the review where I tell you who Deadpool is and what his powers are and all that other stuff but like the movie, I think it would be appropriate to go back to the start and recount how the character came about in the comics. […]

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ZASCHITNIKI “GUARDIANS” – Upcoming Russian Superhero Movie

We have become so accustomed to superhero’s appearing on the big screen (particularly the Marvel variety) that they no longer seem exciting anymore due to the same formula that they use in their movies. Perhaps this is the beginning of the decline in the comic book movie genre…but, let us not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Let us take the example of this promising movie hailing all the way from Russia. Directed by Armenian director Sarik Andreasyan , “Zaschitniki” or “Guardians” tells the tale of a team of heroes created during the Cold War and imbued with extraordinary powers that allow them to perform incredible feats in the event of an attack by supernatural threats upon Russia. Years pass […]

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