Comic-Con Africa brings the mighty Comic-Con to South Africa.

Comic-Con Africa Logo

 Greetings to all you sexy peoples. This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Comic-Con Africa, so as you would expect here is me being all excited and writing about it. Much like every media institution in the country is probably doing this week. Comic-Con Africa has been brought to our shores by ReedPop, who themselves are no strangers to organizing Comic-Con’s all over the world, in collaboration with Telkom VS Gaming. Now Geek/Nerd pop culture related conventions are nothing new to South Africa. Geekfest, rAge, and Icon among others come to mind, but a big international event like Comic-Con Africa is a whole new level for us. So how did it go ? I’ll admit I was initially […]

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Geekfest 2018, a Wild Joshe Investigates


 For a fair amount of time now, Geekfest has been a staple on the South African convention calendar. A Day or two of fun for all factions of the geek world. I’ve been attending since 2012ish. Unfortunately, of late the dates always clash with my exam timetables. Luckily I have attained a minion of Joshe, although he isn’t quite as yellow as to be up to spec for official regulations. No matter we make do, perhaps I can organise some neon yellow spray paint or some such. Meanwhile enjoy the wild adventurings, and slightly mad ramblings of the Joshua – Ed Geekfest 2018 a roaring success Events, festivals or gatherings these days can boast many things. Size, quantity and vulgar […]

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Comic-Con finally comes to South Africa

Comic-Con Africa

So you may have heard the news last week. But if not, Comic-Con will be coming to South Africa in 2018. While we have had quite a few geek-related events over the years. The 925 family have been regulars at Geek Fest for years now. But Comic-Con is a whole other level. In partnership with VS Gaming and Reed Exhibitions, SA Comic-Con will hit the Kayalami Convention Centre 14 -16 September 2018. Local stars John Kani and Connie Chuime, fresh off the success of Black Panther will be in attendance. International confirmed stars include video game voice actors Troy Baker and Nolan North have already been confirmed. Some stars of Game of Thrones and Big Bang Theory have also been […]

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The Doors Nightclub Rises

The Doors Nightclub

 A stalwart of the Johannesburg alternative scene since 1990, the Doors Nightclub rises again in its 3rd location. Rocking on forever! Now I’m too young (Finally I’m not the old fogy for once) to have experienced the original Doors in Marshal St in Johannesburg proper. In 1998 they moved into the suburbs, and I spent much of my 2006-2012 years frolicking, angry hardcore frolicking because its a rock / metal / punk venue of course, in this location. While the South African alternative scene isn’t the biggest, or most united, Doors was a place for all the sub genres to jam together. dancing and cheap beer for all. It was a sad day for the community in August 2015 when […]

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72 hours and already into live music


 I have now been upon England’s green and asphalt covered land for a little over 72 hours. It’s wonderful to be home. (Dover. South-East England to be exact. -Ed) Before me stands a glorious countryside, magnificent cliffs, and a myriad of historic buildings; and within each of these locales a million adventures await to be lived. It’s a fantastic thing to stand in the centre of a small town knowing that there is a plethora of unique and interesting entertainments available within walking distance. Case in point, on Sunday night -while the sun was still up at 9pm- I indulged in a little sojourn at one of the local pubs. (Local pubs! What a statement! We have no pubs in […]

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Blue Man Group


 So here I am sitting at home, my head still pounding and my eyes still spinning -it’s all rods and cones, baby. What a night that was. Good Lord! It was absolutely fantastic. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it was legendary. What caused this legendary evening? Well, it’s simply the amazing meal that I had at Monte Casino. No, I lie. It was watching Wookiee play ten-pin bowling with a buggered hand. No. I am lying again. It was, in fact, the show put on by the gloriously entertaining Blue Man Group; who are at present playing across South Africa. (Go see them!) Now I wanted to give you a well written and well thought out […]

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Time Commanders

Anyone that knows me is aware that I am a fanatical study of military history. Granted, I enjoy history in general, but there is something captivating about military history. I do not think that there is a subject on Earth that has shaped the course of humanity like that of military history.   Case in point: if it were not for the Norman invasion of Anglo-Saxon England in 1066, England/English would not be what it is; the UK would not have been formed; the British Empire would not have happened and English would not be the most used language on Earth. Additionally, the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, India and numerous other nations would either not exist or would probably […]

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The Bacon Battalion

What do you get when you combine RPG’S, cameras, bacon and YouTube? Perhaps one of the sexiest shows ever made. Welcome to the Bacon Battalion. Would you mind introducing yourself to the readers? I’m Guy Sclanders and have been Roleplaying since 1991.  That’s before Pokemon Go, Smartphones,social media and Harry Potter fans. Now Tabletop Roleplaying, like Dungeons and Dragons, has left the… ahem… Dungeon and is flourishing on Youtube. That;s where me and the team create How To be a great GM, How to be a great Player and system review videos and of course it where our weekly Role playing game is hosted. The channel is there to help geeks get more out of their game (role-playing). Basically it’s […]

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A Night with Iron Maiden

And now that the dust has settled -and I have recovered from both a cold and a series of exams- it is time to reflect upon the grand spectacle that has thus far been one of the best nights of my life. (No, we did not sleep together -Ed) It is not often one gets to simply knock a major item off their top bucket list; but recently I did just that. Dreams do come true, and your faithful Wookiee has seen Iron Maiden Live. Years in the making, this is the tale of the greatest of adventures. My love of Iron Maiden started in my early years of high school when a friend lent me his Brave New World […]

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Supernatural Con (5 March 2016)

The time is fast approaching for Supernatural Con, 2016. (Last year was fantastic. This year shall be all that and more). Last year was the first ever Supernatural Con ever held in S.A. Last year’s con focused primarily on the TV series, Supernatural. This year we shall continue our love for this amazing show, as well as expanding our love/con for more supernatural related shows: X-Files, Ash VS Evil Dead, American Horror Story, and so many more… This year we have a new vendors and fun events occurring. We have a number of amazing vendors and stalls selling their wears on the day. After party. Yes, that’s right, we shall be indulging in a little dancing and karaoke. (No alcohol […]

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