“I’m gonna sing the “Doom Song” now. DOOM, DOOM, DOOM, DOOM, DOOM, DOOM…” How many times are we going to have to drive the forces of Hell back? We kicked them out TWICE in Doom 3, and R.O.E. We beat them in Doom and Doom 2. And no matter what WE do, they just creep back into our lives; like insects sneaking through the cracks in the floor. And now it looks as if we are going to have to do the whole job again! Though ID Software has not officially announced the return of DOOM. It has been hinted at by some of their staff, though the release date is unconfirmed, the return of Doom. DOOM 4: “Hell On […]

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NETIQUETTE: What the hell is it?


 What the hell is it? “One person’s clever joke is another person’s offensive insult.”   Netiquette – Etiquette for the Internet. I know what you are thinking; they do seem to change the language every bloody day. To be honest, I had never heard of the word “netiquette” until I began this article. So what can I tell you about Netiquette? A lot apparently. Although netiquette is a relatively new concept. It has quickly grown into a transdimensional, multi-limbed, rabid, foaming at the mouth, social hydra: an insane beast with more teeth than the Osmonds. (If your over 30; you MIGHT get that joke.) Since its arrival, netiquette has remained in a constant state of flux. Laws, bi-laws, counter laws, […]

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Pop Culture: The West’s Greatest Weapon?


 “TO WAR” – Saruman: LOTR. Those of you who have read my previous articles; will have noticed that I tend to concentrate on the happier things in life. I’m not one for rocking the boat; upsetting the established order; or causing a never ending backlash against myself. In fact, I try and avoid being “serious” as much as possible… BUT! Today I’ve had a slight (though temporary) change of heart. I’ve spent the past few hours going through various “serious” articles, regarding the West’s use of POP Culture as a Weapon of Mass Destruction! (I thought that would get your attention.) Now according to a diverse group of unrelated people, from different parts of the world, POP CULTURE is the […]

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