Gaming Myths PT2 – Polybius

Polybius Load Screen

Those of you who have been around long enough to be going grey while filling in you application for the old age home, might remember 3 and a half years ago I started a series on gaming myths. For those that don’t here enjoy some Killswitch. Then life got busy and I never got back to it. Till now. Now what do I have in store for you this time ? While Killswitch was my favourite of the myths about gaming, today we look at probably the most well known. Polybius The legend states Polybius was created by a mysterious company called Sinneslöschen and was a puzzle/shoot-’em-up similar to Tempest. It was only released in a few suburbs of Portland, […]

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Remembering the Battletech Animated Series

battletech animated

 I love the world of Battletech. I’m definitely no expert on the franchise, I only vaguely know the tabletop game and don’t know every little detail of the lore form all the eras of the games story. But what I do know I have loved. Many hours of childhood were spent on the Mech Warrior and Mech Commander games. But really what started it all for my young wide eyed baby self, was the Battletech Animated series. It was sometime in the early 90s that my Saturday mornings became forever changed. I don’t even recall why I became so enthralled by this one specific series. Maybe the thought of giant fighting mecs, maybe it was one of the first times […]

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The Idiocracy of Fighting Over Gaming Platforms

Gaming Consoles

Aren’t humans great… OK OK, stop laughing. So yea we are hardly the best thing to happen to this planet aren’t we, give us any sort of topic and we will master the art of breaking it down into factions and fighting about them. At least in the past it was over big things like what language we speak, or what religions we should follow. But now that the world has progressed into more “civilised” times (not really but kind of) we have decided to do this over the more trivial side of life, like what gaming platform we prefer. Now in the early days of video games arcades were the only option you had. Each machine it’s own platform […]

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This is it folks. I am done. I am finished. I am out of here. 5 years of doing 925 Rebellion. Close to 1000 articles. A YouTube channel. Podcast shows. Events, and blah, blah, blah…. For the dozen of you that care I shall say this: I am leaving 925 simply because new opportunities have opened themselves to me; new creative outlets are being explored; and new adventures are being planned. As of now, you ALL belong to the Empire Of The Hairy One. Viva el Wookiee! “Have a better one.” – Blade Runner. (1982)

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A few films based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Work

Tell me honestly, are you surprised that I have produced another Lovecraft article? Well if you are, then you must be new here. If not, welcome to another Lovecraftian feast. H.P. Lovecraft’s: Necronomicon, original title Necronomicon, also called Necronomicon: Book of the Dead or Necronomicon: To Hell and Back. (1993) (Thank you Wikipedia). Now this is obviously the most logical place to begin with my Lovecraftian article. In this film H.P. Lovecraft (Jeffrey Combs) gains access to the mysterious Necronomicon. He delves ever deep into its haunting pages as a myriad of ghastly stories play out before his eyes. If you adore Lovecraft then this is a film worthy of your collection. It simply oozes horror. Re-Animator (1985) This is […]

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Bloody Shark Films

I enjoy killer-shark films. To be honest, I enjoy anything that pits stupid swimming humans against vicious slaughtering water beasts. It’s just a shame the humans tend to come out on top. Well, one day we’ll have a film in which EVERYONE that goes into the water gets eaten! Until then we’ll simply have to watch some wonderful killer-seafood movies. 47 Meters Down. (2017) Right, so we’ll start with the latest in killer-shark films. Welcome to 47 Meters Down. (Just ignore the Meg still on the trailer. -Ed). In this film, two morons end up trapped inside a shark cage some 47 meters underwater. (They should have just sent them a goodly length of rope.) There they are assaulted by […]

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Doctor She?

“How could they [BBC] let us down like this? How could they fail us so? How could they destroy our hearts and souls? How could they destroy the best TV show ever?! How could they get a filthy female to be the doctor? Well, you know, I am not going to watch it anymore! No I’m not! I’m not!” Well, I say, GOOD! Sod off! We don’t need you and your fanboy bullshit clogging up the universe. For Christ sake, we are in the 21st century you bloody goombas! We have to move with the times, and move on. I wonder if you plebs would have complained if the new doctor was black or Asian? If the doctor was in […]

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A tale full of sound and fury told by a nerd signifying meaning: (Or how fanboys have hijacked my identity)

When I was growing up, when you entered the mean streets of high school you inevitably knew that you would fall prey to the categorization process. Nobody escapes. This is where kids are mentally rounded up like cattle and corralled into the various social paddocks where you would remain for the rest of your school career. There were the Jocks, powerful and mighty. Their physical attributes enabled them to kicketh many a rear end of a student whom should dare to attempt to rise above his or her station. With muscles the size of grapefruits I can stand up and say… that I would and will never be confused for a jock. Then we had the goths, who pretty much […]

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Black Friday!!!! aka, Well this planet is proper fucked!!!

I enjoy shopping as much as the average man. Well, okay, that’s a lie. I enjoy shopping a little more than the average man. BUT!!!! I only like going to the mall when the shops are quiet and I have an objective to accomplish -purchasing a new pair of shoes or buying a pizza. Nice. Quiet. Stress Free. Simple as that. So you can no doubt image how I have felt over the years watching the news report the vast legions of low IQ Americans slaughtering each other for trinkets at one of their “mega malls” on Black Friday.  (Disgusted, for those that did not know.) Now this “event” has been celebrated in the USA for many years. But, it’s […]

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Pokemon Go: The Digital Addiction


 Is there an AA for gaming? I can’t seem to find it and I think I need to speak to someone about my addiction.  Since you’re here, maybe I’ll talk to you. You see, I have a problem. It’s a little problem. Okay I definitely have a problem of debatable size. It started on a normal day, a day like every other. It was a Friday, I think. I get home, drop my work stuff in the not-so-neat corner and proceed to greet my loving girlfriend. I get a vague murmur back instead of the usual eager hug and kiss, which leads me to investigate. Upon entry into my kitchen I see her hunched over her phone, swearing as she […]

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