Looking Back at Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon

 I know I’m late to the party here. But alas I’m a mere mortal and don’t know everything automatically. At least I did recently have the joy of discovering the Gem that is Game Dev Tycoon. Although Tycoon style games aren’t as common nowadays, the genre is a staple of my childhood. and I’m glad to see indie gaming scene bring it back.Game Dev Tycoon is best described as a video-game-publishing-company simulator. In line with this, you start as the sole programmer in your garage in the eighties. From these humble beginnings, you must build up into a publishing powerhouse. As you make progress you can buy an office, hire minions, research projects, and other such activities. all the while constantly […]

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Looking back at the SideWinder Dual Strike

SideWinder Dual Strike

 Nowadays any idiot with a gaming computer can just connect up an Xbox controller. And most can even link a Playstation one without too much effort. But back in the day Gamepads for PC weren’t very common. If you were really lucky you could get a nice joystick. Unfortunately those only really worked for vehicle simulation type games. Also being the nineties, FPS games hadn’t yet become popular on consoles due to their lack of a mouse. Clearly, there was a market for an FPS friendly joystick. Enter the Microsoft SideWinder Dual Strike. It was designed like a large gamepad but with a joystick axis in the middle, allowing the right side of the controller to rotate and move the […]

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Happy 13th Birthday VTM: Bloodlines


Now this isn’t our first time covering that wounderous thing that is Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines. But being its thirteenth birthday I couldn’t resist giving it another round. Quite fitting concidering the game’s own ability to cling to life, seemingly forever. VTM Bloodlines started development in 2001. Eventually releasing in 2004 in a very broken and incomplete state. The small development team at Troika Games simply had a vision infinitely bigger than their resources to realize it. (I love every single one of you for trying though – Ed). As a result, many of the intended functionality, missions, and areas were either watered down or cut. Another issue was the rush to meet a suddenly given deadline left many bugs […]

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Behold The Glory that is Paradigm


 Ah good friends welcome back. Fresh from delving into the warped world West of Loathing, I’ve decided to keep riding the weird train into oblivion. Any of you who know me know I love my strange. and not much comes stranger than Paradigm. I’m super late to the party, but the game is the awesome, so lets bring back the hype. I first came across Paradigm early in it’s life (2014) as kickstarter hopeful. So impressed was I that my own wallet did contribute to being the sperm to Kickstarter’s fertile egg of a concept. The loving mother in this increasingly disturbing analogy is one Australian (explains the weird – Ed) Jacob Janerka. Janerka eventually able to quit his job […]

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Forget youre E3s and AAA Hype, West of Loathing is 2017’s best Game

West of Loathing Fight Scene

 Where were you when the cows came home ? Hopefully adventuring West of Loathing. Now on the surface West of Loathing appears not much more that a simple browser game. With simple black and white stick figures. But no, you’ve been bamboozled friend ! Beneath the simple surface lies utter brilliance. West of Loathing has been incredibly well written. Humorous, with jokes that contain more layers than an onion farm run by ogres. A sequel to the free browser game Kingdom of Loathing, West of Loathing sets you up with a cliché Wild West Story. Bored out in the farmlands of Kansas, your character heads out west for adventure. It just so happens that adventure is in a world that […]

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There Is No Spoon, The Tick Returns

The Tick

 In the glorious words of The Tick; “SPOON !!!!” But not yet… So I know I’m a bit late to the party here, as we are already into the season break of season 1, but I occasionally like to pretend I have a life so deal with it. Anyway where was I, ah yes the new live action adaptation of The Tick. While I haven’t read much of the original comics, I did grow up loving the 90s cartoon. And later the attempt at a live action show staring Patrick Warburton, sadly only lasting one series. This time round it is Amazon Prime tackling the task of bringing the big blue guy to life.  Patrick Warburton, the real life human […]

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The Orville Through the Eyes of a Star Trek Fanboy

Orville Logo

 So I finally got round to watching Seth MacFarlane’s high budget star trek fan film, The Orville. Much Like MacFarlane, I am quite the star trek fanboy so lets see how this tribute / spoof lives up to things. Now while it is the in thing at the moment is to run comparisons between The Orville and the new Trek series Discovery, I have yet to watch Discovery thus will avoid making any comparisons between the two. I will however note the clear not to The Original Series and Next Generation, both of which clearly played an influence. The Orville is set about 400 years in Earth’s future where MacFarlane plays Ed Mercer , an officer in a federation like […]

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Doyle: As We Die (Album Review)


 Power. Power! POWER! Simply put: This is an album that is packed with power. My God, the power coming out of my speakers right now is something else entirely. This is “As We Die” from the brutal Doyle. The songs on this, 13 track, album are about as awesome as Metal can be. The guitar work is driving; the drumming is commanding; and the vocal style will leave you in awe… and a little frightened. Kiss Me As We Die Beast Like Me God Of Flies Run For Your Life Darkside Witchcraft Kind Of The Undead Virgin Sacrifice We Belong Dead Show No Mercy Dark Gods Arise Blood On The Axe Night Of Sin Now all the songs on this […]

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G.L.O.W. – Emotions (Album Review)


 Many of you will think that today’s review will be biased as we are friends with the audio-dream spinner. And you know what? You are correct. This is G.L.O.W. with his first record-label produced album “Emotions“. Firstly I’d like to congratulate Mr. G.L.O.W for being signed up by the brilliant Dark A.C.E Records. Secondly, I’d like to simply say: “Well done, Richard! Nice to see your work getting a professional release.” (Wookiee, do you think if we keep this up he’ll buy us lunch? -Shadow). Right, so let’s get on with this review. The songs on this 10 track album, as you can no doubt expect, are, as is G.L.O.W.’s style, a veritable banquet of hard EBM/Industrial sounds, styles and […]

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Hogan’s Goat: Hogan’s Goat (Album Review)


 There is something wonderful about actual, real, proper bloody Hard Rock. I am not certain what that something is; but I know that I love it. Case in point, I recently received a backside kicking debut album. This is Hogan’s Goat with their album, Hogan’s Goat. Now as debut albums go this one -a 10 track monster- is quite simply an exercise in perfection. The songs show you their true colours and potential from the start. Not once does the album lose its path or abandon its style in favour of simplistic and rehashed nonsense. Indeed, this album gives you quality from start to finish. Rat Boy Pennymade Shit Kicker Annie Off The Rails Over The Palisade If I’m Dead […]

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