“I’m gonna sing the “Doom Song” now. DOOM, DOOM, DOOM, DOOM, DOOM, DOOM…” How many times are we going to have to drive the forces of Hell back? We kicked them out TWICE in Doom 3, and R.O.E. We beat them in Doom and Doom 2. And no matter what WE do, they just creep back into our lives; like insects sneaking through the cracks in the floor. And now it looks as if we are going to have to do the whole job again! Though ID Software has not officially announced the return of DOOM. It has been hinted at by some of their staff, though the release date is unconfirmed, the return of Doom. DOOM 4: “Hell On […]

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DOOM 3 VS QUAKE 4: Throwdowns of Destruction!


 “Move it! Haul ass or die!” -Bidwell. This is my first official Thursday Throwdown, and in sticking with the weeks theme, I’ve decided to do a DOOM 3 VS QUAKE 4 article. Now that I have split the room – and I do look forward to receiving your fan based hate mail. I shall attempt to take you though this UNBIASED look at two of ID Software’s best selling titles. Be they aliens or demons, they will all die the same. ID Software first released DOOM in 1993, followed by Quake in 1996. Both games featured YOU playing as a soldier fighting the good fight, in an FPS environment, against an invading enemy force. However, were DOOM has stuck with […]

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