Closer To Found: Always Just As Lost (Album Review)


The universe is bathed in a shroud of explosive darkness that pours across space, time and reality itself. This darkness is invasive and penetrating. It burns worlds, sacks galaxies and lynches charted accountants across the multiverse. It is, in short, the bloody essence of Heavy Metal.

This is the belligerent album “Always Just As Lost” by the amazingly brutal Closer To Found.

Now the album itself is close to an hour in length; every second of which is a bloody and vicious assault on the senses -mind, body and soul. I would say that this album hits you in all the soft parts and on multiple levels -and in a way it does- but, it hits older farts like me most of all on a nostalgic level. From start to finish the power of this album reminds me of the Metal we used to listen to at pubs, clubs and gigs during the early 2000’s. (Not quite teenage madness, but as passionate and pure).

  • Listen Close And You Hear The Ocean
  • Gasoline Rainbow
  • Remember When
  • Anyone Can Wear A Crown
  • Closing Night Arson
  • Pave Again
  • Hanging On A Hook
  • Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire
  • A Shot To The Vain
  • Ashes

The songs on this album are pretty much a savage audio assaults from start to finish. Songs such as ‘Pave Again‘ and ‘Remember When‘ both simultaneously kick the stuffing out of your conservative neighbours, raise the dead, and set your peevish family members eyes on fire. It’s the sort of thing any and all angst ridden teenagers -and a number of adults- need to start their mornings with. It’s a bag of death and madness!

Bottom line “Always Just As Lost” is a bloody vicious album that’s worthy of any Metal collection. This is definitely one for the record books. One for the classic moshpit world.

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