Colossal Street Jam: Living Free (Album Review)


There is something beautiful in the combination of Rock and Blues. There is a depth to the combination that is both invasive and titillating. One might say that it plucks at heart strings while ripping your lungs out, while the neighbourhood is aflame.

Then to top off this amazing experience you realise that all this happening is caused by the wondrous Colossal Street Jam with their amazing album “Living Free“.

Now the songs on this 11 track album are exactly the sort of music you’d expect from a band made of veteran musicians. There is a ’70’s funk to the group. An ’80’s Rebel yell. A ’90’s uniqueness, and a modern cry of havoc from the 21st century. It’s exactly what Rock music is.

  • Won’t Last This Way
  • Skies Above
  • Living Free
  • Songbird
  • Hanging Around
  • Be Good To Yourself
  • Monday Morning Mass
  • I Can’t Take It
  • Let It Go
  • Runnin’
  • Sweet Little Lady (Live at The Stone Pony)

Songs such as ‘Won’t Last This Way‘ and ‘Skies Above‘ come flying out at the world with the power of a belt fed Rock mortar. Meanwhile songs like ‘Living Free‘ and ‘Songbird‘ pound at your mind, body and soul (And dance floor. -Ed) with a subtleness that is both moving and, dare I say it?, almost sexual.

Bottom line, “Living Free” is not only an album that should be in your music collection, but it is a lifestyle goal we should all aspire towards.

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