Cosplayer of the month: Batman

Today we speak to Batman’s other alter ego, Douw.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am Douw Kotze, but I prefer to be called either Daiki/Daniella or Dani. I am gender-fluid and I’m a writer, gamer, otaku, photographer and a Cosplayer. My Cosplay name/alias/Persona is Silver Angel C. You can find me here

What inspired you to cosplay?

Well, it kinda goes back to my early childhood where I loved to dress up as Batman and Superman, running around the house and jumping on and off the couches, wanting to be the heroes I’ve grown up with. Later in my life I saw some footage of people dressing up as heroes and characters from so many different games, shows and movies. People doing this for convention type events and photo shoots that seemed to look like a reenactment of awesome and epic games, movies and shows known all over. I wanted to do it to… I’ve always wanted to become the characters I’ve come to know and love.
My last push towards wanting to Cosplay and what inspired me to was the Cosplayers I’ve seen at rAge Expo 2013.

IMG_3033 What inspires your style of cosplay? (Anime, Star Wars, Gaming?)

Animated Series, Anime/Manga, TV Series, Movies and Gaming.

Which three characters would you like to cosplay?

Animated Series Batman, Ezio Auditore and Squall Leonhart.

What’s the best part of being a cosplayer?

For me it’s becoming the character, being able to see yourself and others as the characters we wanted to become.

What’s the worst part about being a cosplayer?

Money, time and planning.

So let’s talk about your cosplay of the month, Batman.

-What made you decide to go with Batman from the Animated Series?

He’s a character I grew up watching, a character I’ve wanted to become since I was just a little kid.

-What sort of research did you do for Batman?

Well, we kinda went from searching for references, outfit details to taking the Animated Series and deciding what could work and how we can bring it out into Cosplay.

-What made you decide to pick your particular version of a Batman? (I.E. Did you like the older character? Or the later more dangerous character. The alternate look. Storyline. Character?)

Well, the reason for picking the Animated Series version is partly because he’s a big part of my childhood. I guess you can say that this one’s look attracts me more than the others and the storyline is pretty captivating as well.

-So what does it take to be Batman?

I would think that it takes discipline, patience and endurance.

IMG_3022 - 2

-Did you make your costume or get it made?

This was more of a group effort. The Wizard J and I both worked on the vambraces and the Bat-cowl. Me and my mom finished the cowl in the beginning of December 2015. The body suit was arranged by The Wizard J. I had to pick out what was going to be used for the cape and outside undies and Samsecrets was the one who helped bring the cape and outside undies to perfect form.

-Will you do a Batman, again?

If it’s part of the Animated Series Universe, I might.

What have you learnt from cosplay events?

I have learned that it can be pretty crowded. Also that we have a lot of talented and awesome Cosplayers. Though no matter how different our Cosplay motives are, we can all relate to something.

What would you say is one of your all-time favourite cosplays?

I love Cosplaying as Itachi Uchiha, Monkey D. Luffy and Animated Series Batman.

Do you have any advice for those interested in joining cosplay?

It’s not a cheap hobby, but if you really want to Cosplay, then do it! Weight, height, race difference and disability should NOT restrict you. Become the characters you love and have fun, but also be respectful.

IMG_3030Where do you see cosplay in South Africa going in the next five years?

Up? More and more people are Cosplaying each and every year. The amount of talent that is showed from them every year can be pretty stunning.

Is that where you’d like to see it go?

I want it to evolve and bring people together.

And internationally?

We have quite a number of Cosplayers that could take it internationally and personally, I would love to see that happen.

Kirk or Picard?


So what cosplay is next for you?

Between Marcus Damon (Digimon Data Squad) and Togusa (Ghost In The Shell).

Any advice for new cosplayers?

Don’t set your expectations too high. Let it help you explore yourself. Have fun in the way you find it to be fun.

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