Once again the gods have smiled upon me. So much so, they have sent me the works of one of their own. Today is the day I listen to the soundtrack of Elysium. Today I get to listen to the legendary Cubanate, and their first album (it’s a compilation) in many years. This is  “Brutalism“.

The songs on this, 14 track, compilation are the remastered crème de la crème from three of the best albums of one of the greatest Industrial bands ever! All the classics are back. ‘Body Burn‘ and ‘Angeldust‘ and ‘Junky‘ and ‘Kill or Cure‘. You name it, it’s here, and it’s brilliant!

It’s been interesting to re-visit the early Cubanate albums, first to hear the original masters again during the re-mastering process. I’d forgotten how experimental it was, how hit and miss. And second to play the songs live again. We tweaked a few things for the live shows but I’ve been surprised me how well it all stands up after so long. I think we will play a few shows to promote the re-masters album before thinking what we do next.” -Marc Heal.

Overall, “Brutalism” is exactly what any fan of Cubanate… or any fan of Industrial music needs in their lives. It’s damn near bloody perfect. Simple as that.

Oh, and they are playing live in the U.K this month for the first time in many a year. So what are you waiting for? GO AND SEE THEM NOW!!!!

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