Cult Choir: Beautiful Funeral


There is something hauntingly beautiful happening in Pennsylvania; it is a happening that ebbs and flows across the mind, body and soul. It leaves all it comes into contact with weeping over sins they have yet to commit.

This is Cult Choir. This is a “Beautiful Funeral“.

The songs on this, 8 track, album are so wonderfully unique that with each moment heard they cover your body in a million shiver inducing fingers. It’s almost sexual in nature. Songs such as ‘Lost Cause‘ and ‘Funeral Drugs‘ take the driving power out of music and replace it with the unbridled puissance of true emotions and honest feels. It’s glorious to behold such well written that is full of passion and talent .

Bottom line, “Beautiful Funeral” is so delicious that it should be made, by law, the must have album for all people to own.

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