Curse of Tristram: Diablo II is unofficially back and looking better than ever.

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Diablo II is easily one of my ultimate classics in gaming. I’ve easily spent more time on it than any other game, possibly most of them combined even. I had hundreds of different characters, trying each class in multiple configurations. Now I know Diablo III is out and all the rage, but… lets face it. It’s no Diablo II. If like me you’re craving the old nostalgia days I may have found what you’re looking for. Behold The Curse of Tristram: Destructions End.

The Curse of Tristram is a mod for Star Craft II currently being developed by egod123. Development started around 2014, and is still underway. This project aims to recreate DiabloII: The Lord of Destruction in the Star Craft II engine. There are hopes for a beta sometime in 2018, though as with any small indie project, this is dependent on egod123’s available time. And weather the code decides to behave or not.

I’ve been semi following the development for the last few years, and I can confirm it hasn’t been without its hiccups. But full credit to egod123 for keeping at it and creeping The Curse of Tristram ticking towards completion. The Curse of Tristram might still only be in alpha at the moment, but it already is looking great. I definitely will keep following and cant wait to lose many more hours in the world of Sanctuary. The proper world of Sanctuary not the arcade style, season ladder friendly Sanctuary of Diablo III.

If like me you prefer the slower darker style of the first two parts of the franchise definitely check this out. Especially if you tired of hoping and praying Diablo II gets an HD remaster.

To follow the project, check out egod123’s Patreon and Facebook pages. There are also¬†¬†Twitch, Youtube, and Discord pages to suit your needs.

Happy Hunting!

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