Cydemind: Erosion (Album Review)


There is something glorious and arousing in the listening to of instrument driven music. Granted, there are a lot of Metal bands that use their instruments well and dispense with the power of screaming vocals; but none have done so as wonderfully as this amazing Canadian Progressive Rock/Jazz/Classical/Metal quintet.

This is the masterful, Cydemind.

This is their coup de grace, “Erosion.”

The songs on this 6 track album are about as unique as anything I’ve ever had the privilege of listening to before. For the most part the pieces kick and pound at your head with classic Metal aggression. Yet there is such a powerful amount of Classical and Jazz influence that one finds oneself weeping in remembrance of sins never committed.

I asked the band a few weeks ago what they could tell us about Erosion? (Inspiration. Sound. Style.)

“Erosion is our biggest project to date. We worked on it for 5 years. The reason it took so long is we wanted to have the best music and the best production possible. Inspiration-wise, there’s probably a little bit of everything we listened to in the last 5 years : Dream Theater, Symphony X, Haken, Tigran Hamasyan, Avishai Cohen. Of course the violin adds a unique sound to it!”

  • What Remains
  • Tree of Tales
  • Derecho
  • Red Tides
  • Stream Capture
  • Erosion

Your soul, sole and solo are all assaulted on multiple levels and in numerous ways. It’s erotic and esoteric in equal measure. It’s riddled with meaning and mythology and pure bliss all at once. This is an album worthy of your immortal soul.

I also asked the band what they see as a musician’s role in society today?

“As musicians we have a big communication responsibility. Whether it’s a message or an emotion, we have to create a bond with the listener. We’re also role models to many fans, so being decent human beings is rather important.”

Bottom line, “Erosion” is a glorious album that is worthy of any Metal… nay, any music collection. It’s simply wonderful music to listen to.

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