Davey Suicide: Made From Fire


Today is a today I never thought I’d see. Today is the day I, for the first time, experienced the pure joys of Gutter Goth. That’s right, Gutter Goth. A genre I did not even know existed; and now I cannot live without.

This is Davey Suicide, Gutter Goth band extraordinaire. This is “Made From Fire“.

The songs on this, 14 track, album are about as unique as any songs I’ve ever heard. How can one describe the songs on this album? Some of it sounds a bit Punky. Some of it sounds Goth. Some of it is a little bit Industrial. A chunk of it is Metal. All together it is a brilliant. Simple as that.

Overall, “Made From Fire” is a wonderful album full of amazing sounds. It’s a must have!

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