“Let’s get one thing straight, Clarke: we came to this frozen shithole to stop the Markers…” – Carver.

Those words may ring true, but as we all know, it takes more than a couple of brave men to stop an alien menace. It takes a couple of brave men with an overwhelming amount of firepower! And for those of us who have played the previous Dead Space titles, we know what sorts of necro-slaying tools should be at our disposal. HOWEVER! For Dead Space 3, things have changed.

Dead_Space_3_13449647104173Gone are the days of simply adding “power nodes” to improve your weapons. Now you get to create new weapons from scratch! THAT’S RIGHT! From SCRATCH! Think of it: combining all your favourite weapon, mods, addons, and extras to create something that you can proudly claim “KILLS UNDEAD ALIEN-HUMAN HYBRID ZOMBIES… dead?” or something like that… I suppose.

“You keep your weapon ready, and you stay the *hell* away from the ventilation ducts. If they get close, shoot for the limbs. You got that?” -Isaac.

Right now you are probably thinking, this all sounds too good to be true; or too complicated to be of any profit. “Why should I spend hours (yes you can) designing and upgrading stuff?”

urlWhy? Because you can. Because you can create something amazing. Because it adds a whole new dimension to the game. Granted, at first it does seem overly complicated: finding parts, finding resources, finding upgrades, finding a bench, assembling the pieces, testing the weapon, adding or removing parts, replacing others. The process of creation is fraught with dramatic death dealing possibilities.

“Get it under control!” – Captain Norton.



Okay, so you’ve decided to step up and accept the challenge. You’ve collected what you can. Now what? Well, during your first play through (you know you’re going to do it a couple of times) you’re choices are slightly limited. However, by your second time, your creations become increasingly exotic.

 Here is a short list of some more exotic combinations.

  • Heavy S.C.A.F Mk-V Chaingun with Mk-V Force Gun. Attachments: Mk-V Damage Support and Stasis Coating. All 8 slots have +3 Reload/+3 Damage. Secondary is Devil Horns with 8x +3 Rate-of-fire/+3 Clip
  • S.C.A.F. Ripper Core with MK-V Electrocution Module. Attachments: Directed Suspension Field.  MK-V Damage Support/Explosion Amplifier with an MK-II Acid Bath.
  • Evangelizer Carbine with Evangelizer Shotgun. Attachments: MK-II Damage support/MK-II Ammo Box. All 8 slots have: +3 damage/+3 clip.

And those, although good, are just the tip of the iceberg. Once you finish your first play through, you get access to incredible upgrades, that considerably increases your weapons killing power.

“But what if I don’t want to spend all day figuring out how to create a gun?” Then you are in luck, not only do you have access to the “home made” crafting system, but throughout the game you can collect various blueprints that allow you – if you have the resources – to create a myriad of tasty pre-assembled guns. Classics like the: Pulse-Rifle, and Force-Gun are instantly available once you have resources and their blueprint. (And you can always upgrade them as well.)

The above video is the tip of the crafting iceberg. Do a search on YouTube and you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of crafting videos available there. And for those of you who have purchased the collectors of Dead Space 3, or the various DLC’S you will get access to even more blueprints and weapons.

The game may take you a day to play; but the crafting will keep you busy for weeks. 


Many believe that the online videos show the BEST combinations of weapons in the Dead Space universe; but I think – I KNOW – that you fans will create something amazing that no one has ever thought of or seen before.

“Geez. Let’s not do that again.” -Isaac.

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