Defeat: Rise


There is something of a “retro” revival happening among the Alternative scenes of Europe and America. It would appear that people have had enough of brutal and angry electronic music and are now embracing the sound and style of the old masters. Case in point, this is Defeat with their latest offering to the elder gods of EBM/Industrial scene. This is “Rise“.

The songs on this, 8 track, album hearken back to the EBM/Industrial scene of the early 2000’s. (I can hear a lot of influence from Nitzer Ebb and Frontline Assembly and Liabach). Songs such as ‘The Hurt‘ and ‘Nothing You‘ come at you straight from the beating heart of those glorious days. It’s wondrous. It’s glorious. It’s practically a sexual renaissance for the ears.

Bottom line, “Rise” is a brilliant album that drags you away from the chaos of the Aggro-Tech scene and instead unleashes the power of aged wisdom and style upon all the darker side of the world. It’s a brilliant thing.

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