Defy The Tide: Soteria (Album Review)


There is nothing like an aggressive little EP to start your morning with. In fact, EP’s are such a wonderful way of starting your morning with an almighty kick that they should be a universal law.

This is Defy The Tide with the brutal “Soteri“.

The songs on this 4 track EP are the epitome of everything that is true of Metal: inhumane sounds and alien vocals drowned in a bath of creative insanity.

  • Traced in Flames
  • Catalyst
  • Primrose Path
  • A Spectre in Silence

Each and every song on this album is packed with a punch that is made from the glorious combination of aggression, charm and soul shredding lyrics. It’s a wondrous way to begin your day.

Bottom line, “Soteria” is a vicious EP that will whet the appetite of any Metal lover.

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