Diablo: Rise of The Hunter

Today we speak to French-Canadian actor, Jean Drolet about his role in the new Diablo fan film “Diablo: Rise of The Hunter“.

How did you get involved in Diablo: Rise of The Hunter?

Well two, two years ago I was invited to a private screening by a young friend of mine Carlos Cobezas. He was the film Director and Stephanie Van Rijn Vincent (Valla) was the lead actress. A year passed liking each other’s postings until I’ve been invited to a scenario first reading of DIABO: ‘’Rise of The Hunter’’. There I met Amanda Lynn Petrin (Halissa) and Luc Godbout that became DIABLO’s Film Director. We repeat one scene or two to pin point meaning sand will and then there was magic around…

What can you tell us of the plot?

Diablo: Rise of the Hunter follow the origin of Valla, the demon hunter from the Diablo franchise, and her transformation from a simple villager to a deadly demon-hunter.


Cain and the Smith. (Sounds like a good Indie band -Ed)

What sort of search did you do for Deckard Cain?

I made my home-work by searching on the net whatever shown or said about Cain and asked Stephanie and Luc to feed me the more they can too. I had to find specifics on Deckard Cain, the way he hold himself physically and his unique minding and compassion for friends…

What did you know about the Diablo franchise?

Honestly I’m an Actor not a Gamer, but I knew the game from younger friends long ago. I never been that close from gaming ever but the simple idea of playing one of these animation great characters was simply irresistible!

Anything unique you brought to your performance?

As we’re getting older, the more we want is to transmit knowledge and experiences. I found that Deckard Cain is precisely the knowledge keeper and actively experimenting the right potions for Tristram’s good. I started watching videos and working on it…After a while almost everything but the voice was a matter of time to get close from the old man.


Demon Hunter.

What did you have to work on the most for the character?

The voice…Not that it is so difficult to reproduce, but the fact that I had to keep in mind that part too. I sent few ‘’ Stay awhile and listen ‘’ to Stephanie and Luc, and waited! Both of them liked it and by the time we were on set, everybody started to talk through their own characters voices so it became more fluent.

What is next for you?

Well, still some shootings to come this year including Tele-series trailer and a Film Festival short. The film industries is looking for young people because they are the future and it’s all right but when the time comes to introduce an old bearded man in a story, many call me and I’m proud to be part of their ADVENTURE!!!


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