Distrust (Video Game Preview)

I adore The Thing. I have always felt that it is one of the best franchises of all time. The characters were good, the entity was deliciously twisted, the blood and gore and wonderful. Now, I have been waiting for a new game in the franchise for some years. No luck as of yet. But! BUT! Recently an indie game inspired by this amazing franchise has been unleashed upon our world.

This is Distrust.

Now what we know (I’m writing this article in late June) of this indie game is this: In an isolated Arctic base people are being killed at an alarming rate. As such, you and a small rescue team are sent in to help stop the killings. But! things are not as they seem.

The base has come under attack by some alien force which, when sleeping, enters the human body and claims ownership of it. Naturally, the only way to survive is to stay awake and alert; but naturally the longer you stay awake the less resistance you can put up.

A randomized Arctic base for you to explore.

Now like its inspirational father Distrust is going to create a world of fear, suspicion and… distrust. But, unlike The Thing the survivors in Distrust eventually go insane, their minds filling with insanity and their realities becoming a mixture of fantasy, hallucination and cold blooded fact.

This looks like it’s going to be an interesting game that is bound to have you slaughtering friends and foes alike. I do hope that it is multiplayer. It would be a lovely sort of horror.

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