Divinity: The Immortalist (Album Review)


Once again my bedroom walls are on fire. Well, yes, I did get absolutely ass-holed last night; so much so that I awoke this morning with a police woman’s helmet, and a rubber traffic cone in my bed. But that is neither here nor there. What is there, is the fact that my walls are burning and my speakers are spewing out a barrage of powerful Metal. (Perhaps that is somehow related. -Ed)

This is “The Immortalist” the latest offering to the gods of Metal, from Divinity.

The songs on this 12 track album are about as Metal as any songs I’ve ever heard. It’s the antitheses of rebellion, chaos and feral disorder.

  • Manhunt
  • Atlas
  • Hallowed Earth
  • D M T
  • PsyWar
  • Distorted Mesh
  • The Dead Speak From Beyond
  • Lucid Creator
  • The Reckoning
  • All Seeing Eyes
  • Momentum
  • Conqueror

Songs like ‘PsyWar‘ and ‘Manhunt‘ kick all sorts of backside on numerous levels. While the other songs… Let’s be honest, the whole album is a lethal explosion of some significance from start to finish. It is pretty bloody vicious on multiple levels.

Bottom line, “The Immortalist” is an epic album worthy of any remorseless Metal collection.

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