Doctor She?

“How could they [BBC] let us down like this? How could they fail us so? How could they destroy our hearts and souls? How could they destroy the best TV show ever?! How could they get a filthy female to be the doctor? Well, you know, I am not going to watch it anymore! No I’m not! I’m not!”

Well, I say, GOOD! Sod off! We don’t need you and your fanboy bullshit clogging up the universe. For Christ sake, we are in the 21st century you bloody goombas! We have to move with the times, and move on. I wonder if you plebs would have complained if the new doctor was black or Asian? If the doctor was in a wheelchair or portrayed by a deaf person? Knowing you lot, YES! you would have complained!

A shame she’s not ginger.

Now I enjoy Doctor Who, but I am no fanatic. I like Star Wars and Star Trek, as well as a plethora of other shows, but they do not inspire my inner asshole. I take them, and books and music, for what they are: a form of entertainment. They are simply here to provide joy to people that enjoy them. I see no reason in fighting against everyone simply because they do not share your opinions.

For God’s sake!

Grow up!

It’s bad enough when 13 year old’s are complaining. It’s down right pathetic when a flock of apparent grownups are going “Full Brandon”. It’s simply a form of entertainment. If you do not like it, then move on. I do not like Country music, but I would never argue with a friend that does. What does one achieve by launching crusades over trivial matters? FUCK ALL! Simple as that.

But if you are determined to moan like brain-dead cattle, then perhaps listen to the chap below.


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