DOOM 3: BFG Edition.


“Amazing things will happen here soon, you just wait.” – Dr. Malcolm Betruger.


I’ve been looking forward to doing this review/trailer/general prattle, for the past few weeks. And now finally we can begin. DOOM 3: BFG Edition, has finally arrived. (Well it’s been here a while. But this review took a while to edit.)



“All units, this is Sergeant Kelly. We are under attack by an unknown enemy force. Fall back to Marine HQ to regroup. I say again, fall back to Marine HQ and await further orders.” – Master Sergeant Kelly.

Those words instantly sent shivers down my spine. Hell, (no pun intended) the entire game puts me on edge, more than any other game I’ve played, including Dead Space – and I love Dead Space. But there was just something about DOOM that made it stand apart from its peers – not that I could put my finger on any one thing. The cold corporate feel of the Doom environments – namely the UAC base layout. Its dark twists and turns. Its lack of sufficient lighting. Its lack of open spaces. The human element – bought to you via video and audio logs, as well as personal emails.  And the knowledge that demons could come at you FROM ANY direction. All of these elements made for a most unique, and terrifying game.

“The devil is real… I know, I built his cage.” – Dr. Jonathan Ishii.Doom-3 bfg

DOOM 3: BFG Edition, has undergone some minor changes. Namely improved graphics, access to 3-D technology, unlockable achievements and so forth. For play-box people the graphics have been completely overhauled… and I must say, as a none play-boxer, I think they look amazing.

However for all the minor changes, there has been (from the gaming perspective) ONE major change. Now, some of you may recall with horror/delight having to switch between your torch and weapon, constantly: as you were unable to carry both. Now for some of us; this added depth and an incredible amount of fear to the game. However, not all of us think like this, and so now in the BFG Edition, the torch is shoulder mounted, thus leaving your hands free for weapons. This doesn’t take away from the game, it just makes it a little less scary.


DOOM 3: BFG Edition, is already out in the shops. Go and get a copy. It is well worth the money.

And as an added bonus!

BFG Edition comes with Doom, and Doom 2, plus ALL their expansions (Yes, we used to get expansion packs; none of your modern DLC.), 20 years of gaming excellence all rolled into one package. And the box looks nice as well. (Just wish people put manuals in boxes, like they did in the 90’s.)

To sum up: Whether you’re Doom/FPS fan or not, is irrelevant. DOOM was the father of modern FPS games; so go and get a copy. You won’t regret it! Well, you might, as it may be a little too scary for some of you.

“Death will not be your end. Your soul will burn in hell forever!” – Dr. Malcolm Betruger.


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