DOOM 3 VS QUAKE 4: Throwdowns of Destruction!


“Move it! Haul ass or die!” -Bidwell.

This is my first official Thursday Throwdown, and in sticking with the weeks theme, I’ve decided to do a DOOM 3 VS QUAKE 4 article. Now that I have split the room – and I do look forward to receiving your fan based hate mail. I shall attempt to take you though this UNBIASED look at two of ID Software’s best selling titles. Be they aliens or demons, they will all die the same.

doom3-03 ID Software first released DOOM in 1993, followed by Quake in 1996. Both games featured YOU playing as a soldier fighting the good fight, in an FPS environment, against an invading enemy force. However, were DOOM has stuck with it’s original foes: DEMONS. Quake went from Supernatural enemies, to Alien foes (Strogg) to a bloodbath multi-player game, to another battle with the Strogg. Though the Strogg seem to be the staple foe now.

“Welcome to my domain. Behold the shape of things to come. The time has come for the forces of Hell to escape their prison and drive mankind…into DARKNESS!” -Malcolm Betruger.NEZBZFZmRmFEUzQx_o_doom-3-roe-part-3-double-barrelled-shotgun

Before begin with a debate regarding the superiority of your chosen game, let us sit back and compare them.

The following list does not reflect my personal feelings. Instead it has been assembled from the opinions of others.

  • Doom 3, has a superior story to Quake 4.
  • Quake 4, is a superior run-and-gun.
  • Doom 3, although scary at times, lacks an overall emotional draw.
  • Quake 4 is a straight forward shooters.
  • Though, Doom 3 had some impressive lighting, though its attempts to bring fear mostly bought pain, through badly executed level design.
  • Quake 4, had superior graphics, especially considering the “plastic” look of DOOM 3.
  • Doom 3, had a more personal story, with PDA’s adding to the games feel.
  • Quake 4, was about killing things.
  • Doom 3, will send you to Hell.
  • Quake 4, is not much better for the soul.
  • Doom 3, had amazing weapons.
  • Quake 4, tried new things, were as Doom 3 repeated the same old story.
  • Duke Nukem FOREVER!

urlThat last one made me laugh. Whether or not you agree with the feelings of others, it is generally accepted that BOTH games won in some areas and failed in others. I shall now give you MY feelings regarding these two enormous titles.

  • I love the atmosphere created by Doom 3. I simply didn’t get the same “buzz” from Quake 4.
  • The enemies in Doom 3 were great, though I missed their old DOOM 1 and 2 looks.
  • I enjoyed the environment of the UAC base. Though the repetitions of corridors and small offices could get annoying.
  • The BFG. (Need I say more?)
  • It was nice to see Hell. I found its feel similar to the works of Dante, Bosch and Dali. A never ending labyrinth of cliches, and fear.

q41Now on to Quake 4.

“Welcome back, corporal Kane. May I be the first to say you look like shit.” -Sledge.




  • I have always enjoyed the Quake games. And I greatly appreciate the way they evolve.
  • I love my demons, but there is something majestic about fighting re-purposed humans. The Strogg made the Borg look a little like watered-down beer.
  • I loved the squad based human element. There was something nice about seeing your fellow soldiers closeup; not just from afar as in Doom 3.
  • The FPS video-sequence where YOU get “Stroggified.” It was simply amazing. Nothing like watching yourself being taken apart.
  • The open environment, and access to vehicles. If only you had gotten to play with a tank in Doom 3.

Not a long list, I grant you. But those are some of the elements I enjoyed/missed from both games.



No matters whose side you are on, there will always be someone with a counter argument. Not that it matters, as arguing the pros and cons of games is redundant. Instead: SHUT UP, and play more games!

“You don’t know what I’ve seen! You can’t possibly understand nor comprehend!” – Doctor. Jonathan Ishii.

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