DOOM: 5 Weapons of Divine War.


    “Right, you’re the control, and if that fails, I’m the damage.” – Jack Campbell.

Those were words were first heard at the beginning of DOOM 3, and I immediately took them to heart.

Now I – once again – decided to write a short article. But, as YOU know, my plans never work out. So instead of the 200 word “happy weapons of Doom” article I was planning, I have instead found myself doing a short/over the top write up, regarding my 5 favourite weapons of DOOM!

NEZBZFZmRmFEUzQx_o_doom-3-roe-part-3-double-barrelled-shotgun                         1: Double Barrel Shotgun.

NOW here’s a classic peace/piece maker. Although she was not introduced until DOOM 2, she became the staple weapon for most DOOM fans. After she wasn’t included in DOOM 3, a number of petitions were created, so that she would be back as soon as possible.

And when she returned in, DOOM 3: R.O.E (Resurrection of Evil), she came out swinging… or shooting… whichever you prefer.

And on a personal note, nothing say “goodbye” in multiplayer, like a couple of slugs to the head.

weaponplasmagun2: Plasma Gun/Rifle.

In DOOM 1 and 2, the Plasma Gun was a fast firing, death dealer of some insignificance. It was good, but not as effective as the Rocket Launcher, or BFG.

 However, by DOOM 3, the gun had taken a step into the light.

Though her projectiles are fired at a slower speed (giving off a nice blue splatter effect as they slam into things), they do a lot of damage. Often the Plasma Gun becomes to last line between you and some of the “heavier” demons (particularly in Close Combat.)

Not to mention, her majesty in multi-player genocide.

chainsaw3: Chainsaw.

I loved her in DOOM 2. And I adore her in DOOM 3.

“Suffering and pain awaits for you.” – Dr. Malcolm Betruger.

The chainsaw makes melee combat fun. There’s nothing like gutting a thousand enemies quickly. Hell, she works well on everything, and does wonders in multi-player.

There’s just something about the sound of chain fed death, that makes us smile.

soulcube4: Soul Cube.

Only available in DOOM 3, single player. This ancient weapon of a long dead people, was the keystone to defeating the Armies of Darkness.

Though not an instant favourite amongst some fans; I loved it.

Kill 5 enemies, and this gorgeous lump of rock would kill, and steal the soul of any enemy you chose. And to top it off, she would give their life points to you. (From near death to, full health in 1 easy move.)

bfg5: BFG “Big Fucking Gun” or yawn “Bio Force Gun.”doom-bfg2

These pictures come from “DOOM the UN-MOVIE.” Though I loathed the film, their BFG looked good.


What more can I say? She rules. By Doom 3, she was no where near as powerful as DOOM 1 and 2. And her projectile shot, could be easily destroyed.

But she was still pretty killer.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my walk down Massacre Lane. I look forward to the next one!


Not DOOM related. But I felt that this was relevant.

I look forward to seeing what they pull out of the box for DOOM 4. (You know it’s going to happen.)

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