Double Experience: Unsaved Progress


There is something amazing brewing in the world of Metal. Some of these new brews are powerful. Others are aggressive. Some are chaotic -so much so they could scare demons straight. Other albums and bands are simply brilliant. Once such brilliant experience is the amazing Double Experience. (I had one of those in Thailand once. He-She was flexible. -Ed) This is the progressive “Unsaved Progress“.

The songs on this, 9 track, album are narrative driven and mammoth in proportion. Songs like ‘AAA‘ and ‘Godzilla‘ are glorious sagas of esoteric depth. There is a power on this album that is both new and old. There is a hint of ’80’s and ’90’s Metal here mixed with 21st century drive and futuristic expansion.

Overall, “Unsaved Progress” is an album that is larger-than-life, and is worthy of any Metal collection.

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