E-Con Records: Love Hertz


I adore well constructed and laid out compilations. There is something amazing in the experience of getting to sample multiple sounds, styles and concepts in a single monster-sized meal. It coats the mind, body and soul.

This is the brilliant E-Con Records latest album; this is the amazing “Love Hertz“.

The songs on this, 20 track, album are the epitome of Alternative music. They are diverse and stylish. They kick and cause chaos. They pull at your heart strings and set fire to your trousers. Bottom line, they are all bloody brilliant.

Unknown Land – Oh 03:12

Ok Sure – Bones 04:14

Vague Notion – Hertz So Good 03:17

The Sweetest Condition – Heal Me 03:17

Sleeplab – Servo 02:42

Battlesick – Safe Word 03:27

Alpha Loopy – Forget The Day 03:13

Liza Nicklin – Indiscretions 02:59

Bek Davis – I Want You 03:47

Illustrial – Candy (It’s All In Your Head Mix) 03:17

The Black Hundred – Beg For Ecstasy (feat Mirette McGauran) 03:11

AkA – Stuff It 02:34

DevilMonkey – Strapon Princess 04:54

Replikant – Intrinsic Rhythm 04:05

Synthicide – Feel It Burn 04:33

PTSD – Alone With Everybody 04:02

Microchip Junky – Pyrallis 03:18

Deadlights – I Say! 03:54

Ullapul – Wild Pony Trekking 03:14

Asleep With Headphones – With You (feat Megan McConnell) 03:15

Overall, “Love Hertz” is a fantastic album that is worthy of any and all music collections. It’s pure bloody brilliance from start to finish.

“When we were approached to be a part of the special ‘Love Hertz’ compilation by E-Con Records, we were immediately intrigued by the project,” says vocalist and lyricist Leslie Irene Benson of The Sweetest Condition. “Exploring the themes of sexuality, sensuality and sin are right up our alley—at the very root of our songwriting.”

“Our music represents the juxtaposition between the dark and the light—in relationships and on a grander scale in reflection of the current chaotic state of the world,” she continues. “It’s the innocence of your first love—that churning, all-consuming infatuation. Flip the coin, and it’s obsession, addiction—the toxic codependent tug-of-war learned from feeling worthy and worthless. Some joy, some pain.”

“The song, ‘Heal Me,’ tells a story of giving into something when you know it’s wrong. Like a snake coiling around and devouring its prey, it becomes a part of you. It’s an intimate vulnerability where one plays the role of master, and the other gives up control. But in that release, we find our own power.” – Leslie. (The Sweetest Condition).

It’s an amazing album. GET IT NOW!

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