Wookiee’s Top Trailers From E3 2018

E3 2018

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 as it is better known, is the pinnacle event of the gaming community. Here all the developers hope to wow us out of our hard earned cash, with big flashy trailers for their upcoming titles. Titles that usually never come even close to looking like what was promised. But the great Dilbert has long taught us salesmen are scum who shouldn’t be trusted. Anyway, until our hopes are dashed, here are my top 6 picks from E3 2018. Note there are tonnes of big upcoming games, and this little article only covers a small few. They aren’t even the biggest or most anticipated. Simply the ones that most caught my attention.

Fallout 76

The Fallout series has been around since the very early days of gaming and has long been a classic. Under the care of Bethesda, the modern iterations have been a series of hits that have heavily overshadowed their retro forbears. Now multiplayer is coming to the wasteland.


Beyond Good and Evil 2

Now despite the original Beyond Good and Evil coming out during my teenage (and this most time free to game) years, I never had the pleasure of playing it. I do know it has a strong loving fanbase though. It doesn’t matter though, my inner Sci-Fi geek ate up this trailer wholeheartedly and I want to see more.


Rage 2

Oh, Rage. The lovechild between Fallout and Mad Max that never quite achieved the success it should have. Granted I’d originally only bought it because it was a new offering from Id, and back then we were unsure we’d ever see another Doom, I loved it from the get-go. Seeing the postapocalyptic car zombie adventure have another go makes my heart happy. I might even play some Rage this weekend while I wait.


Cyberpunk 2077

I love Sci-Fi. I love 80s cheese. I love dystopias. I love RPGs. Smoosh all these things together and poof you have Cyberpunk 2077. I don’t know much about the new offering from the creators of The Witcher, but I very much want to.


Wolfenstein Young Blood

Wolfenstein is one of the earliest franchises I played obsessively. Wolfenstein 3D was one of the few games pre-installed on the first DOS computer my family had, and young me spent more time on it than any of the others. Teenage me spent a fair amount of time with the 2002 Reboot, and almost adult me spent a lot of time with the 2009 Wolfenstein. I still need to catch up on the newer instalments but I am a hardcore fan of the franchise. This time around we take the role of usual protagonist’s daughters in 1980’s France. I do hope said daughters get hinted at as being Billy Blaze’s aunts, as an easter egg to longstanding sort of confirmed theory.


Death Standing

I usually play on PC, and while I don’t buy into the “PC mater Race” crap (except ironically to annoy friends) I usually frown on platform exclusives.  I might, however, have to temporarily steal my girlfriend’s PS4 to give this one a go. I love obscure artsy mess with your mind films. And this seems to be one of those in gaming form. Also as a collab between Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus, this is now probably the closest we’ll ever get to Silent Hills. RIP PT.


Doom Eternal

Doom is a classic. the most recent in the franchise took all the good bit and made them epic. Doom Eternal promises double the demons and a more powerful Doomguy with which to slay them. What more do you even need me to say? PS. Bonus points for the trailer for reminding me of a Beksinski painting.


Skyrim Ultimate Edition

It wouldn’t be an E3 without Skyrim getting an update, re-release or port to a new platform. Skyrim is the Kanye to E3’s Grammys, always needing to have the attention. E3 2018 is no different with Skyrim officially porting to the Amazon Eco smart home device. Now you can go questing with Alexa while the CIA spys on you :P.


And there you have my favourites of E3 2018. What are you most looking forward to?

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