Electropop: 11


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “There is something amazing about compilation albums.” (I hope you weren’t expecting more there?) One such amazing compilation is “Electropop:11

The songs on this, 13 track, album cover a number of Alternative music genres and chockful of brilliant remixes and extended version from a myriad of brilliant bands. It’s unbridled passion from start to finish.

EMT – Regret (Sinestar Extended Mix) 05:11

Insight – Alive (Techni-ka Remix) 06:05

Janrevolution – Man Without Return (Extended Mix) 06:20

Kosmos – Keine Macht Dieser Welt (Paralyzed Extended Remix) 05:40

Mechatronic – Don’t Bother to Knock (Extended Version) 05:54

Midnight Resistance – Under Glass (Extended Mix) 06:32

Mirreya – When Tomorrow Comes (Extended Version) 05:21

Nordika Feat. Felix Marc – Illumination (Extended Version) 06:52

Polyester8 – My Kingdom (Extended Version) 04:53

Rename – Avalanche of Fear (Oren Amram Remix) 04:27

RRoyce – I Like It When You Lie (Oren Amram Entirely Club Mix) 04:45

Shelter – Blur the Lines (Extended Version) 05:02

The Sweetest Condition – Control (Extended Remix) 03:34

Robert Marlow – No Heart (Alternate Vocals and Bassline Mix) 03:51

Each and everyone of these tracks is brilliant on so many wondrous levels.

‘Electropop Vol. 11’ by Germany’s Conzoom Records is an amazing compilation album featuring 14 international electronic music artists. We’re honored to be a part of it. Personally, I love the artists on this collection and can’t stop playing Robert Marlow’s brilliantly New Wave ‘No Heart (Alternate Vocals and Bassline Mix)!’” -Leslie. (The Sweetest Condition).

Overall, “Electropop:11” is a great album worthy of any music collection. Get yours now!

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